All the Tricks in Your Drawer

Some resources at your disposal this weekend you should be aware of. As usual, everything is as free as Canadian healthcare.


There will be people wandering around in dark blue shirts and name tags who are very good at things you are probably trying to do and willing to help you do those things. You can flag them down and have a chat, shoot out an SOS request on the #mentors channel in slack, or if you want to be very meticulous, track them down via this spreadsheet.

$500 Kloudless API

Those are a lot of clouds

Hardware Lab

Amazon Echo, Arduino, Muse, Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, Photon and more. Go crazy.

3-D Printing

Print custom, intricate, complicated shapes courtesy of genius.


A cereal-tasting drink, Soylent is good for individuals who are too driven and busy being champions to be mere mortal human beings.

Social Media Contests

There will be prizes rewarded for the best group photo featuring the delta sign, the best astronaut drawing, and the winner of a social media scavenger hunt. Stay tuned as details will be announced.

Happy Hacking!!!! XD

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