Good and Bad for hypothyroid :
Good :मुग जिरे तुप हळद पुदिना ओवा लसुण काण्दा कोथिम्बिर हिन्ग
ghee with water
पुदीना बडिशोप
salad and lemon juice with saindhav
Good :Foods that contain iodine, such as kelp, beetroot, radish, parsley,potatoes, fish, oatmeal and bananas, should be kept in the diet.
Exercises : Sarvangasana
{shoulder stand}
is the most suitable and effective asana for the thyroid gland.
Halasan suryanamaskar ujjayi sury \ chandrbhedan
jalandhar bandh &
20 min fast walk.
Bad :Eating goitrogenic foods such as rapeseed, cabbage, 
Brussels sprouts, broccoli, 
cauliflower, sweet potatoes, maize, lima beans,
soya and pearl millet should be limited. 
These foods contain natural goitrogens, which are chemicals
that cause the enlargement 
of the thyroid gland by interfering with thyroid hormone 
synthesis. Cooking is known to make 
the goitrogens elements less effective, but it would 
be wise not eat these foods raw.
Dr Prasad Phatak working in hypothyroid successfully with ayurveda.
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