The Tao doesn’t take sides; it gives birth to both good and evil. The Tao endures as everything, as such it cultivates all. It has no opinion, no bias, no burden, no worry. The Tao does not strive towards goals; it holds in harmony.

The Tao produces both the positive and the negative, utilizing unity to establish enchanting essence. This peaceful purpose is present in all persons; only when the balance is broken do beings begin to behave benevolently or badly. The Master doesn’t take sides; she welcomes both saints and sinners.

One with oneness, she understands that all actions arise from alike authority. She does not criticize, she praises. She does not examine, she overlooks. She does not decide, she wavers. Accepting all that is as it is, one becomes closer to the Tao.

No foolish judgement passed upon those that have committed cruel acts, no excessive appraisal for those that have allocated affable achievement, just acknowledgement of each and every individual. Such activity reflects the Tao, revealing that both the positive and the negative constitute all things that exist in our universe.

The Tao is like a bellows: it is empty yet infinitely capable. Without the light years of space between planets, the galaxies would be crowded. Matter would condense and gravity would pull celestial spheres so close that they would collapse into themselves. The separation of space is what allows us to survive.

Life would not last without distance and desolation. The Tao is similar in this sense, like an empty bottomless bag brimming with all born beings and beliefs. The more you use it, the more it produces; the more you talk of it, the less you understand.

I struggle to scribble these statements, consumed by confusion and incompetence when I attempt to comprehend these conundrums. This is because the Tao cannot be known, but it can be acknowledged. Once the Tao is recognized it displays serenity.

Listen for the explanation and one will hear tangled turbulence. Watch for the answer and one will see messy mirages. Observe the outermost and one notices pivotal pandemonium. This dominant discord is the hub of all harmony. Hold on to the center.