Full Moon Eclipse

Scratches surface on untouched skin, throbbing head pain as limbs twitch and vibrate with unexplained anticipation. Unseen energy surges ferociously through my nerves, jolting muscles and exasperating skin. Spirits call to me in the night, forcing bursts of air down my throat and constraining my gut, obligating my body to regurgitate the unspoken obsessions out of mind and into the air we breath. These proclivities cannot be captured onto the page or recorded through speech only imagined then ignored. Fantasies only existing within the realms of troubled minds despite the indisputable possibility that these apparent illusions can be transformed into believable realities. Instead they become mirages entwined in our existence, only recognized by those who began the dreams. We wait, watch and witness these simultaneous yet contrasting scenarios with wide eyes, astonished by each and every minuscule circumstance that inevitably led us to where we are. Analyze and interpret the individual actions, attributing particular congruencies to previous conflicts, creating pathways that chaperon people to alternate purlieus. These peripheries prevail in the psyche of perturbed, pitiable nincompoops, but their pseudo nature proves that perimeters will never predominate the physical present. All variations of the occupied universe are phantasmagoric, therefore philosophical and purposeless as well. However there will always be consistencies connecting credible coincidences such as the celestial crescent’s calibration.

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