Colors blind the eye. Color is a mere illusion produced when our eyes decipher the reflection of light. The human eye perceives the wave of light, translates the properties of the wave and portrays the result to the brain. Color is nothing more than an organ’s representation of reality, yet some of the world’s biggest conflicts are caused by individual interpretation of reflections.

Sounds deafen the ear. The more noise bombards the eardrum, the less a person hears. By engulfing the ear with commotion you cannot listen for the harmony. Vibrations overwhelm the senses and cacophony takes control, causing you to lose balance. The ear is the organ that regulates equilibrium — saturation with sound leads to loss of melody.

Flavors numb the taste. Excessive spice and fancy flavors deteriorate taste-buds. The tongue becomes dull to all sense of taste and you can no longer savor sweetness. Don’t overpower cuisine with gratuitous seasoning and you will always enjoy your meal.

Thoughts weaken the mind. Constant worrying and unreasonable understandings stress the brain into decline. Why worry when results will remain unchanged? Why cloud the cranium with complicated concepts if questions continually occur? Let the mind be open, allowing thought to flow freely and thoroughly throughout.

Desires wither the heart. Wanting something leads to expectation, expectation leads to disappointment and disappointment leads to decay. If you can remove the craving you can cease the consistent cycle. Let your inclinations dissolve and you will be satisfied in any scenario. Obsess over ambition and you will never truly be fulfilled.

The Master observes the world but trusts his inner vision. He doesn’t allow his senses to succumb to shallowness, instead keeping his mind as deep as the sea. His psyche is unsealed as space, stretching infinitely in all directions with no particular aim or purpose.

The Master never starts and he never stops, he just strives every second until serenity shows up. He allows things to come and go. He doesn’t dominate and refuses to regulate, releasing all reason and relish by recognizing everything as rebellious. The Master realizes that everything exists in unity and leaves the uncontrollable cosmos alone, causing all creatures to celebrate acceptance. His heart is as open as the sky.