Famous Transphobe Asks Followers What Price They’ve Paid For Being Transphobic and the Results are Shocking

Phaylen Fairchild
Dec 10, 2019 · 6 min read

Graham Linehan, a once beloved writer and now one of the UK’s most aggressively transphobic citizens who uses twitter to perpetuate myths and propagate fear regarding transgender women has a congregation of over 600,000 followers that he thought-leads daily.

Linehan, who has developed a disturbing years long obsession with transgender identities- so much so that his entire twitter is devoted to opposing them- has aggregated a battalion of outraged men and women by posturing himself as a feminist superhero to women who he has managed to convince live in a state of perpetual danger because transgender women exist.

As one of the high profile, front-facing leaders of the “Gender Critical” movement (Gender Critical is an intellectualized term they’ve coined to replace Transphobe.) Linehan campaigns heavily to vilify transgender women as perverts, probable rapists and a certain threat to all vulnerable cisgender women and girls who might be unfortunate enough to find themselves in our company. Along with his followers, they dedicate an ample amount of time to abusing and harassing transgender women, both young and old on social media. They stick to the same, traditional tactics practiced by most TERFS by calling them names, deliberately misgendering them, mass reporting their profiles when they defend themselves, threatening them and otherwise attempting to bully them off the platform.

Linehan himself was once given an formal police warning after targeting a transgender woman, dead-naming her and dog-whistling his followers to attack her, whereupon they found her private information, including old photos that they used in a malicious pile-on to assist in his cruel provocation.

Linehan and his “Gender Critical Mafia” have themselves convinced that this abuse is necessary to protect women only spaces from the monsters he has illustrated transgender women to be. Thus, they are ruthless and believe their mission to endanger transgender women is not bigoted, but instead an act of feminist justice.

Linehan and his troupe would have you believe that trans women are “Men in dresses;” Impostors, and their only purpose is to invade private spaces occupied by women to exact some makeshift, yet horrific crime against their person.

Of course, the stark reality remains that transgender people undergo intense scrutiny, and the decision to present in as their authentic self comes at great sacrifice. Not only to trans people lose family and friends, but are often physically attacked, humiliated, discriminated against and rejected by peers. The emotional and mental fortitude required to live honestly as a trans person is enormous. The toll it can take is often devastating.

No one- Read again- No one ever transitions with an agenda to assault women. In the same way that no man has ever transitioned to female because he likes the color pink or wants to get free drinks on ladies night at the local pub. The decision to transition is a long, deeply personal journey that comes at greater personal sacrifice. We must come to terms with what we will lose as a result of our truth, how our life experiences will change and render us susceptible to the ever intensifying climate of terrifying anti-trans sentiments both socially and politically, often at the hands of people like Linehan and friends. To presume we transition for the sake of using a ladies restroom or changing room minimizes our human experiences, our trials and tribulations, only for the sake of framing us as malignant actors in a grossly false narrative espoused by the ignorant.

When Linehan began by asking his followers what they’ve lost due to their hatred of transgender people, a hatred fueled by himself, the responses were truly sad, with most of them underscoring the remarkable consequences of bigotry.

Some have said that their closest friends refuse to listen to them freely express their venom toward transgender people.

Others were afraid to discuss their bigotry for fear of being ostracized by their peers. One gentleman, who screen name endorses Meghan Murphy- the radical feminist who had been banned from Twitter entirely for her abuse of transgender women and attempted to brand it as free speech- claimed to lose both gay friends and feminist friends, as well as being banned from participating in liberal groups- apparently for believing it was a safe space to share his hatred for transgender folks.

A Mother explained it is not a topic she and her daughter discuss while blaming it on the influences of university. Those crazy progressive kids.

Another of Linehan’s acolytes bemoaned the idea that her friends ignored her “Arguing for women’s right.” This is a common defense transphobes use to justify their attacks on transgender women… that it is for the rights of women. Transgender women existing, living their lives, going to work, to school, paying bills, eating in a restaurant, dating or having families ad pursing happiness is NOT an assault on women’s rights. This argument is not altogether different from the one made in the 50’s when white people, riddled with racism, were convinced that sharing a space with people of color somehow challenged their privilege. They didn’t want Black Americans in their schools, in their parks or even drinking from the same fountain. Segregation was delivered unto society on the notion of preserving White Rights, rights which were never in peril. It was a movement deep-seated in hatred, embroiled in ignorance and an unnecessary fear of people of color they had labeled as a threat to innocent, vulnerable white folks who needed protecting.

Another follower of Linehan explained that her husband’s son had disowned him.

This is where it hurts.

Trans people are no strangers to losing family. It brings no one any measure of joy to see that hatred, and the commitment to it, has divided entire families.

An ex-consulting editor at Attitude Magazine, a gay publication, lamented the fact that the staff allowed transgender authors “While insisting that TWAW” (Trans Women are Women.) According to his tweet in response to Linehan, his vocal urging to discriminate against trans writers resulted in him becoming an unwelcome presence.

As I read through the thread which contained hundreds of tweets just like the ones above, I was troubled to see how sorry they felt for themselves, completely disassociated from the fact that their toxic world view and relentless attacks on an innocent minority isn’t as eagerly accepted and joyfully encouraged as they hoped it would be.

Suffice it to say, they likely blame trans folks for their tragic losses of family, friends and work opportunities because they cannot see beyond their own prejudices.

This stands as a strong testament to the ugly fact that hate reaps rewards for no one.

You can read the public thread here.

Phaylen Fairchild

Written by

Comedian, Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist http://twitter.com/phaylen All work copyright deliciousdiamonde@gmail.com

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