Twitter Has Quietly Created a List Estimating Your Interests. Here’s How to Find It.

Phaylen Fairchild
Dec 1 · 2 min read

As data of Social Media users has become more valuable than gold, some platforms like Facebook and Twitter have independently scraped everything you discuss and share to create a secondary profile for each individual that contains a very long list of topics and interests used to sell you off to the highest bidding advertiser. Remember, Facebook attempted to create a full page of their best guess-timations on your political affiliations to sell ads to Super Pacs and political organization targeting you.

The problem is, those interests are generally wrong. As a savvy Twitter user brought the page to light, many users found that Twitter’s automated assessment of each individual user is way off the mark with much of the content in the list having nothing to do with their behavior or topical interests at all.

A 54-year old user in the UK found among the list created for her of nearly 200 celebrities- most of who she had never heard of- as well as issues ranging from US elections and healthcare to vegetables and video games. Clearly, the process of gathering this information to compile a report on a users activity is broken.

I’m providing you a direct link to the page which is buried under your settings, where the list provided says:

“These are some of the interests matched to you based on your profile and activity. You can adjust them if something doesn’t look right.”

You’re likely to find that the majority of them aren’t applicable to you. Fortunately, you can remove the tick next to irrelevant topics, public personalities, social engagements, and products but some have discovered they may the process of removal is unreliable, with some listing re-inserting themselves multiple times.

If you’re a twitter user, head on over to this link to see exactly what the service thinks you’re into- and up to while tweeting.

This will take you directly to the page in your settings.

Phaylen Fairchild
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