Was Famed Charity Mermaids Sabotaged for Supporting Trans Children?

Phaylen Fairchild
Jun 16 · 5 min read

It’s only been a week since the controversy that swirled around the UK based National Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Children- or, NSPCC- that saw the organization fire transgender actress Munroe Bergdorf after Times Journalist, Janice Turner roused a small group of anti-trans radical feminists.

Turner accused Bergdorf of being a “Porn model” and encouraged her readers threaten the cancelling of donations.

The backlash resulted in another charity seeing a spike in financial support, Mermaids, a child advocacy group that dedicates its resources to helping trans children.

Now, Mermaids has been accused by Times journalist Andrew Gilligan of failing to secure sensitive documents revealing internal emails between the staff and trustees.

The emails also are alleged to have included names, telephone numbers and other personal details regarding their clients. But not all appears to be as it seems.

As most know, The Times is a notoriously transphobic publication, was the one who broke the story by Gilligan who has, historically, a clear bias when reporting on issues involving transgender issues, and, quite specifically, the Mermaids charity itself.

It’s pretty evident that Mr. Gilligan’s opinion of transgender people is as rife with contempt as his misinformed reporting. He fits right in with other Times journalists and contributors who have built careers spouting propaganda to perpetuate unnecessary fear and unprovoked persecution of transgender people.

What is most interesting about the breach of information experienced by Mermaids, however, is the manner in which the communication was discovered. According a statement released by Mermaids, the platform used with the belief it had been secure was indeed found to have been compromised by one person…

Andrew Gilligan… and afterwards, those families he contacted in pursuit of their story.

No emails to and from families, or other such confidential communications, were part of the information in question.

“…So the overall position is that there was an inadvertent breach, which has been rapidly remedied and promptly reported to the ICO, and there is no evidence that any of this information was retrieved by anybody other than the Sunday Times and those service users contacted by the journalist in pursuit of their story.

The statement goes on to assert this fact;

The scope of the breach was that internal Mermaids emails from 2016 and 2017 in a private user group were available on the internet, if certain precise search-terms were used.

Mermaids understands that the information could not be found unless the person searching for the information was already aware that the information could be found.

So, I suppose, dear reader, that were are supposed to presume the following

A.) An Anti-Trans journalist for…

B.) An aggressively Anti-Trans newspaper…

C.) That has courted Anti-Trans lobbyists in an effort to…

D.) Disrupt the care provided by this specific pro-trans children’s charity and…

E.) just, suddenly, stumbled upon a random url to a private group exchanging internal emails…

F.) Just a week after it receives enormous public support as a direct result of an organized, Anti-trans smear campaign targeting a charity that conceded to their hateful tactics, many perpetuated by The Times other journalist, Janice Turner.

How absolutely convenient… and dare I say, unlikely.

The lengths that The Times has gone to in a rigorous effort to malign transgender women and children has seen them ally with our enemies quite often. The Times has courted trans exclusionary radical feminists like Julie Bindel…

As well as political conservatives promoting intolerance.

Gilligan himself has written glowing articles highlighting Mumsnet, a hate group that routinely targets transgender women, trans inclusive organizations, charities like Mermaids and government policies that acknowledge trans identities.

It’s important to note that Anti-trans activists, like mumsnet and journalists for The Times — including Andrew Gilligan, condemned the National Lottery for awarding mermaids a £500,000 fund for their charity last year and attempted to block it by launching an aggressive and misleading campaign dubbing Mermaids a “Child sex-change charity.” It isn’t. However, they raised enough support from anti-trans activists that The National Lottery temporarily withheld funds and conducted an extensive investigation before ultimately concluded that there was no evidence, beyond the bigotry expressed by a loud minority, to exclude Mermaids from being a benefactor of funding.

Ironic how Gilligan’s deeply seated prejudice for the Mermaids charity- which provides family counseling resources, trans-inclusive events, educational material and access to healthcare specific to the needs of transgender children- would suddenly be rewarded by typing random addresses or search terms into his browser… and then write an article hoping it would be the final nail in the coffin of the charity he has expressed such unfettered disdain for.

While his motive is certainly undeniable, one must ask; How did Gilligan come to learn the “exact search terms,” or the URL to a private group of his self-declared enemy? Why did he use the information he procured to contact the families for a story instead of notifying Mermaids administration and the Information Commissioners Office if his concern was for the safety of the children and sensitivity of the data involved?

As it happens, when Mermaids discovered their data had been breached, they reported it to the Information Commissioners Office themselves.

Why does this sound more like a coordinated attempt to sabotage a Charity that Gilligan and company historically- and publicly- disapprove of?

That’s a fair question, isn’t it?

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