The Bold Face of The Democratic Party’s Hypocrisy & Racism

If this ain’t the truth, I don’t know what is!! Great read.

And you know…Joe Biden was forgiven for this:

“The arrival of the New Democrat president Bill Clinton changed that. He made passing a crime bill one of his top priorities and worked with many in Congress on both sides of the aisle to pass legislation that dramatically increased the number of cops on the street. The legislation also led to a rise in the prison population, ended federal education funding for prisoners and increased the number of people executed.

His point man for this legislation in the congress was former Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, Democrat. Biden was the prime mover of the Senate version of the bill, and he spent much of 1994 standing on the floor of the Senate boasting about its contents and how he was getting it passed.

While today mass incarceration is a topic that receives bipartisan criticism, for Biden it seemed to be a point of pride. From his remarks on Aug. 23, 1994:”

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So I must admit, you’re are right about the hypocrisy…