When TRUMP Becomes the N*gg*r They thought Obama would Be…

Trump called Buzzfeed media outlet a “failing piece of garbage” and CNN “fake news”.

The “N” word is a slanderous taboo referencing black people’s skin tone in the most derogatory terms. It’s both disparaging AND inflammatory. The word also looms around unteachable, ignorant, and inferior. Welp! Today I can honestly say, I saw one. He came off as unteachable, ignorant, and ill-mannered when questioned by journalists during what I decline to call a press conference. But anyways….

Trump lobbed names at the American intelligence agencies and Buzzfeed concerning a 35 page “leaked” dossier of very disturbing behavior-tying him directly to Russia. Don’t hate the messenger, hate the message.

He and his press secretary also railed threats at Jim Acosta of CNN while claiming the network is a producer of “fake news”.

But wait! Isn’t this how “niggers” carry themselves? Would not Obama haters foam at the mouths and demand his head on a platter if he acted in such a barbarous manner? So why does Trump get a pass?? His actions transcends ignorance!!

This was the first press conference he’s given in six months and at times there seemed to be a clapping sound track of planted supporters behind the news cameras.

This presser was clumsy AND inferior to any seen in modern history. Trump was rude and out of control. Then there was this long Business Law 101 lecture given by his legal team (that was praised by Russia as ‘Law Firm of the Year’) during the press conference that seemed never ending. It was a DISASTER!!

The thoughtful speech Obama gave the night before was to encourage Americans to not lose hope in spite of the dark clouds looming over the next administration. Well after seeing what I saw today, I’m not so hopeful that this country can unite behind The Emperor with New Clothes.