The Fatal Irrelevance

(For the memory of the kids died in the Manchester Arena bombing on 22 May 2017)

The kids walked cluelessly into this catastrophic instability. They were clueless, because they were taught that the solutions provided by “clever” theorists are elegant, precise, and stable.

The kids then observed, at the expense of their lives, that the deviation was not quantitatively, but qualitatively; that the discord was not negligible, but of several orders of magnitude; and that the temporal change was not continuous, but abrupt.

Who shall explain to the kids, that the “clever” solutions were in fact irrelevant, because the problems solved were irrelevant: as the indescribable were described, as the non-engineerable were engineered, and as the inheritances were analysed.

The kids have been irrelevant from the very beginning.

28 May 2017 (edited12 Feb 2018)