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We got a problem. A big one. More and more people are realizing that. That’s the good news.

Our planet is heating up rapidly and it’s a scientific fact that humanity will face disaster if we don’t cut down on greenhouse gas emissions massively — and quickly. That’s the bad news.

But climate change itself is not our problem. It’s merely a symptom of another problem that’s even bigger in scale and that many people don’t quite see yet. …

An Intuitive Explanation of The New Opaque Result Type

At this year’s WWDC, Apple introduced SwiftUI — a completely new approach to create user interfaces in Xcode in a declarative way. To help you get started with the new framework, they published some beautifully designed tutorials.

💡 Some advice upfront:

If you get stuck in the first tutorial in section 1, it’s probably for either one (or both) of the following reasons:

  1. You need the beta of the new macOS 10.15 (Catalina) for all SwiftUI features to work properly. (In particular, the canvas won’t work without it.) The latest Xcode 11 beta is not enough. ⚠️
  2. Don’t despair when you can’t figure out…

Why Our Political System Doesn’t Work in the 21st Century

Sometimes, when we put two apparently good things together, something terribly bad emerges. Given that you like both individually, chocolate cake and tzatziki is a good example.

Is democracy a good thing? “It’s the best we have!”, is the most common answer and indeed, it appears to have worked pretty well for most countries in the 20th century.

Is the Internet a good thing? It certainly has its dark corners, but for the most part, it has made a lot of things easier for us, first and foremost education.

However, the composition of democracy and the Internet is a dangerous…

The Danger of Using Third Party Apps

Do you have an app installed on your iPhone or iPad for creating any kind of content that was not developed by Apple? If so, the following fact might be quite disturbing for you:

All data you stored in that app might be gone from one day to another.

In this article, I will explain why and how you can protect yourself against data loss.

Everyone Can Be a Developer

When Apple opened the App Store back in 2008, the company made it possible for everyone with a Mac to develop and distribute iOS apps. This was a big step, and quite an unusual one…

Humankind’s Ever Repeating Pattern That Prevents Change

Sometimes I feel like we are all trapped in a loop. An everlasting time loop. The same story repeats itself, again and again. The names of the characters change, the tiny little details, but the underlying narrative remains the same. And in each iteration I ask myself: Is it even possible to break this loop? Can we ever escape it?

I like to think that there is a lot of potential in humankind. Over the centuries, we have repeatedly proven our capability of long-term thinking, collaboration and empathy. We have made tremendous progress in understanding the world around us. We…

Bear is a great app for taking and managing notes that comes with a beautiful design. The app itself is free. However, as with most applications, there are some features that require you to purchase a Pro subscription. One of these features is Export to PDF.

While it is not my intention to discourage you from purchasing Bear Pro (you might enjoy the other Pro features or simply want to support the developers), there might be some people who cannot afford it. …

The (Not so Subtle) Difference Between Striving for Happiness and Not Caring

One specific mindset seems to be dominating my generation and even more so the digital natives: The pursuit of happiness. Do whatever makes you happy, ignore everything else. Get rid of your past, surround yourself with positive people, cut relationships with people who drag you down.

There’s a book in the bestsellers titled The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. When I first saw a copy in the bookstore, it stirred up an emotion in me that’s best described as something between fury and desperation. …

The Capitalist’s Dilemma

Everyone hates subscriptions. Everyone hates ads. Everyone appreciates compensation for their work. Currently, the Internet is the opposite of that: Great content is either restricted to paying consumers, flooded with ads or created by people who do not benefit from sharing it with others. That’s a problem. In order to understand why, let’s begin with a short story:

A Train in The Desert

Imagine you’re in the desert with a group of twenty. You have been wandering for days and you are in desperate need for water. Just when you feel like your feet can’t carry you any further, an old train station appears right…

The Art of Designing Code – Part 2

In part 1 of this article, we learned that code is a kind of user interface, only that its user is another developer rather than the end user. In this second part we will investigate another kind of user interface and identify several design principles which we will then once again apply to code.

The ultimate goal is to give you a different perspective on code and to provide you with a tool set to make your code easy to understand.

The Media’s Interface

For journalists, it’s crucial to be understood. If their audience doesn’t get what they are trying to say, all…

The Art of Designing Code – Part 1


This article is a written, enhanced version of my talk ▶️ The Art of Designing Code, presented at iOS Conf SG in Singapore.

Imagine you need a photo editing app. You are offered two different apps with the same functionality. They only look different:

Two different user interfaces with the same functionality

Which one would you choose?

You will probably agree that the second option looks more appealing. But it also has a better user interface with respect to usability:

  • Each editing option is presented with a small thumbnail image. This way, you get a good idea of what it does – without the need to actually apply it to the image.
  • When…

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