Donald Trump Must Vote for Hillary Clinton and Here’s Why…

It’s all about the money, baby. 
And the numbers don’t lie.

Donald Trump’s greatest increase in wealth happened during the 8 years of Clinton administration. In fact, he earned more money during 8 years of Clinton than he ever earned before and since, COMBINED. It could further be argued that the bulk of his fortune — whatever it may be — was earned during Democratic administrations. Combine that with the hard numbers (shown above) that show the DJIA returns during the last two Democratic administrations vs. ALL Republican administrations dating back to the “Roaring 20's” and it only makes sense that The Donald should want a Democrat in office.

Donald Trump is estimated to be worth $4.5 Billion (though he claims more, which I’ll get to shortly.)

In 1989, Forbes ranked Donald Trump #26 with a net worth of $1.7 billion.

In 1990 he was removed from the list (bankruptcies, remember). He was AWOL from the list until 1996, when he was ranked #373 with $450 million, though he argued it was $2 billion.

In 1997, Forbes ranked him #104 with $1.4 billion, but he argued $3.7 billion.

In 1998, he ranked #121 at $1.5 billion, but he argued it was closer to $5 billion.

In 1999, he ranked #145, with $1.6 billion, but again argued it’s more like $4.5 billion.

Based on estimates, if he’s worth $4.5 billion today, he’s not worth any more today than he was at the end of the first Clinton presidency. But also, based on his own statements, his greatest increase in wealth occurred from 1996 to 1999, while Clinton was president, from “$2 billion” to “$4.5 billion” — for a gain of $2.5 billion — the same $4.5 billion he’s estimated to be worth today.

Now if you were to take into account the bankruptcies and zero-net-worth periods, he earned even greater returns, as much as $4.5 billion during the Clinton administration. Based on that, he obviously didn’t show any gains during Bush II nor during Obama, which proves my statement that he earned more in 8 years of Clinton than earned before and since combined.

In which case, the Forbes numbers prove even greater % returns. He argues that his net worth is much higher than what they report — just for the sake of being high — but his own net worth statements prove less % growth than what Forbes was giving him credit for. As a businessman, looking to raise money from investors who are in turn looking for decent returns, wouldn’t it be better for him to show the higher % growth than to simply argue the higher net worth? But then again, he’s The Donald, and his net worth needs to be HUGE.

In a recent statement, Donald Trump himseld claims to be worth $10 billion.

In 2009, in a Wall Street Journal interview, however, he claimed he was worth $5 billion.

Again, if his statements are true, he’s saying he gained very little net worth during Bush II — remember, in 1999 he argued he was worth $4.5 billion — and has allegedly since earned another $5 billion while Obama was president.

If these statements are true, then Donald Trump has earned the entire bulk of his fortune during two two-term Democratic administrations, vs. two two-term Republican administrations. One could argue that there’s more to making money than the administration, however, one must consider that the largest technological advancement, the largest capitalist revolution, the largest transfer of wealth to the underclasses, and the greatest expansion of world trade in the history of the world all happened during Clinton I — and regardless of politics, world events, etc., that momentum created during Clinton I’s term has not ceased.

Bottom line, if he wants to earn more money and continue to grow his net worth, it only makes sense — based on his own assumptions and hard facts and numbers — that Donald Trump needs a Democratic president, ideally a Clinton administration, to do so.

The Donald simply has no choice but to vote for Hillary.

— P.