Looking for Film or TV Distribution? Meet Speck.

Distribute your film or TV show at www.MoviesOnSpeck.com

Speck is a new, free-for-all distribution solution that distributes your film or TV show to millions of viewers across multiple, digital and connected television platforms (including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and more). Speck’s service is two-fold: they distribute your content via their own Speck Channel (launching May 15, 2017) while serving as film agent and aggregator, shopping your content to the major platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Crackle and Amazon, etc. This allows you to earn immediate revenue from your film while it’s being pitched. In other words, Speck serves as a “launchpad” to the larger platforms.

Speck works on an 80/20 split, in your favor, across the board. That means for every dollar your content generates through Speck placement and distribution, you earn 80 cents, paid quarterly. This results in royalties comparable to all of the other platforms. Speck also provides monthly reporting, including total viewers and revenue data. Payouts are made via paper check, PayPal or bank wire.

Speck takes all the guesswork and legwork out of digital and connected television distribution; a one-stop shop for the filmmaker or producer looking for an immediate distribution solution.

There’s no cost to use Speck — which makes it a free alternative to costly aggregators like Distribber who charge upwards of $1,000 for the same service. Speck uses a simple and straight forward Distribution Agreement that can be cancelled at any time. (They continue to earn on any distribution they have already secured, however.)

Speck is the fastest way to get your content in front of the broader audience — tens of millions of digital and connected television viewers, and growing.

If you’re looking for an instant distribution solution, check out Speck at www.MoviesOnSpeck.com

— P.

Phil Autelitano is founder/CEO of Mediarazzi, a leading developer of TV channels for Roku and Connected TV platforms, and is co-founder of Speck.