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It’s a bad trade through and through. Why trade your most marketable player for peanuts? Because you think he’s poison? Well, the fan base doesn’t agree. As far as they’re concerned, their organization is the one that screwed up the franchise so, instead of trading their main draw, why not get rid of that sorry excuse they have for a GM, hire Sam Hinkie to replace him, and get Vivek to stay out of the effin way. Even if Cousins decides not to re-sign with the Kings when all is said and done, they would’ve still been able to eke out some equity from him being a bigger draw than the yahoos he was traded for cos who’ll wanna watch the Kings now? Can the season ticket holders demand a refund? Will they ever trust the Kings again? Had they allowed him to walk, whenever he comes back to Sactown, management can always make him out to be the heel that left, a la Durant. If they try to do that now, he can always make the excuse that he wanted to stay and it was management that wanted him out. And it’s not even a given that his stock wouldn’t improve. The article mentions that he would be an unrestricted free agent after NEXT season. They still had one whole season to figure it out or maybe drive his stock up. Instead, they allowed a GM who had no prior experience make bonehead decisions left and right without any accountability. It’s truly unfortunate that Kings’ fans can’t ask for new ownership cos the new group might not make the same commitment to Sacramento that Ranadive has done cos this owner’s reign has been nothing short of terrible.

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