HATE CRIME LAWS — why we don’t need them and why they are a cause and a symptom of a presidentially-divided society.

I recently had the opportunity of speaking with Breitbart News Daily’s Raheem Kassam to explain — in the aftermath of the severe torture and beating of a special needs young Caucasian man at the hands of four thugs who were yelling racial slurs against white people while hurling F-bombs at the President-Elect of the United States all the while live streaming the horrific event on Facebook.

This event was more than a crime. It was more than evil. It was nothing short of evidence of the slow collapse of civilized society. The audio of my conversation with Raheem Kassam explains well enough why “hate crime” laws aren’t necessary and serve to only further divide Americans and pit ethnic groups against one another.

Over the last eight years under the Obama administration we have witnessed this divide grow wider and wider. The president likes to think of himself as a racial unifier. However one needs look no further than the earliest days of his first term to discover his true divisive nature in the area of race relations and particularly relations between citizens and law-enforcement.

On July 16, 2009 Harvard University professor Henry Gates was arrested by Cambridge police after responding to a 911 call of a burglary in progress. It turned out that professor Gates was locked out of his home and resorted to forcibly entering his house when he was first encountered by a white police officer named Sgt. James Crowley. Gates responded in a confrontational manner and was ultimately charged with disorderly conduct.

Six days later at a White House press conference President Obama, while admitting he did not know all the facts, stated the the “Cambridge police acted stupidly…” Despite Obama’s lack of any law-enforcement experience or training he went on to opine that this incident was linked to “ A long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately.” President Obama later stated that he regretted his comments but the damage was done.

The President had a valid point about the troubled history between law enforcement and persons of color. He was wrong however to jump to conclusions and assert from his bully pulpit that the Cambridge incident was somehow racially motivated while at the same time acknowledging that he did not know the facts of the case.

Fast forward to 2012 and the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman in Sanford Florida. Zimmerman was eventually charged with murder and acquitted by a jury on grounds of self-defense. many in the local law-enforcement community believed there was never enough evidence to charge him in the first place. However in light of immense political pressure from local politicians all the way up to the President of the United States, Zimmerman faced a jury in a spectacle of a racially-charged trial. President Obama, again without knowing all the facts and without any law enforcement training left to the cameras proclaiming that “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.”

Next comes the shooting of Michael brown in August 2014 by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri — an event which sparked massive civil unrest and violent confrontations between protesters and law enforcement. Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson was ultimately cleared by a grand jury and later exonerated of criminal wrongdoing by the US Department of Justice. Nevertheless, without the benefit of a complete investigation and a little over a month after the shooting, President Obama again fanned the flames of racial division when speaking to the Congressional Black Caucus in September 2014. At that time he stated Brown’s death “stains the heart of black children” and “too many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement — guilty of walking while black or driving while black, judged by stereotypes that fuel fear and resentment and hopelessness.”

Fast forward to January 9, 2017 with 11 days left as President and mere days following the disgusting racially and politically motivated beating and torture of a special needs white man at the hands of thugs — President Barack Obama actually said to ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos “ I am absolutely convinced that race relations are actually better now than they were 20 years (ago).”

Do hate crimes exist? Sure they do. Do we need new laws to prosecute them? Absolutely not. Is President Barack Obama partly to blame for racially dividing Americans and pitting Americans against the police in the process? You bet he is.

Obama returned to his home of Chicago tonight to boast of his great accomplishments with soaring rhetoric and high praise for himself. One wonders if he actually believes his own words or whether his view from inside the presidential bubble is so clouded that he can’t see the utter social destruction he has left in his wake. History — I suppose- will be the judge. Does racism exist? Of course it does. But Barack Obama is delusional if he actually believes he hasn’t made things much worse during his presidency.