First light of the first morning 2017

The First Morning Celebration 2017

It was six years ago that I woke the morning of the new year. I had celebrated the night before as always — a few drinks, friends, and a fave band. Boring. And after decades of the same, sometimes over indulging, I felt tired of doing the status quo for celebrating the new year… actually, I felt lonely.

I wasn’t alone but the feeling was there. I found the tradition of activities the night of the 31st shallow. And watching a big artificial light drop at midnight? Whoop-dee-doo.

So I woke after another eve of “celebrating” the beginning of the new with the ending of the old.

It was early that 2012 first morning when I thought how good it would be to celebrate the new year by being in the moment of the new first morning. I planned to do just that for the year 2013.

January 1, 2017 was the 5th annual gathering celebrating the First Morning of the new year. It’s not quite caught on with numbers of participants like those in NYC … but a few friends have continued to enjoy getting up prior to daybreak and catching the early moments of each years’ actual start. Breakfast and coffee are on this celebratory agenda.

It’s a perfect time to reflect and experience the actual start of the very beginning of the year ahead.

I encourage my friends and others to send me a picture of their first mornings — even if it is from their driveway and received one this year from what appeared to be from the driveway or street. :) I gave her a lot of credit as she lives in Green Bay, WI … and I am sure the temperature was in digits I haven’t felt in years.

It was a stunning morning a week ago as I watched the day break from the beach here on Kauai. There were a handful of people there “celebrating” as 2017 began.

Advent of 2017

Of the many thoughts on what the year will bring, I realized how much more I enjoy experiencing the first light — day break — of each new year versus the revelry of the last hours of the final day.

Isn’t it truth that on the first, first day it was light that broke the darkness which began it all.

Happy New year!

Plan to join us from your neck of the woods in 2018.