Here’s Why You’re Social Marketing Efforts Fail

Phil Masiello
Oct 25, 2017 · 4 min read

While social media marketing is seen as a leading tool for increasing customer engagement and interaction, not every business can succeed on these platforms. Even though every company has a Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube channel, they continue to struggle to engage with their target markets. They all seem to be under the impression that social media can establish them as an industry leader in their field. However, this is not easy. Generating increased brand awareness and forming engagement with consumers, brands need to manage their social media presence carefully.

The Biggest Problem

Social media doesn’t work when you pound your followers with discounts and deals. Think about Social Media this way. You are invited to a party with 10,000 people you never met. You are expected to engage with this group. Is your opening line going to be handing out discount coupons to your company? Or are you going to size them up and begin a conversation with a topic that may be interesting to them? Once the conversation happens, then you can weave in bits of your business. Get them interested and talk about how engaging with your brand will enhance their lives.

It Is About Them

You must always remember that your social media strategy should be customer-focused. The needs of your customers come first, and your content should deliver value to your audience. The needs and preferences of customers change frequently. You need to understand your customers thoroughly.

Not All Channels Are The Same

Every successful marketing campaign requires careful planning. There are many marketers who run the same campaign on different social media platforms without customizing it according to the target audience and platform. This is a bad move as all the social media sites have their own particular audience. If you are sharing the same content in the same way on all channels, it will probably have a negative impact on your brand.

Learn From Every Post

Looking at the insights from each of your previous content posts can lead to an understanding of the opportunities & weaknesses in your campaigns. Useful keywords can also be searched against top-performing content.

If there is a platform where you are unable to generate any value despite changing your approach, then don’t focus on it. Maybe your particular customer is not present on the platform. Invest your time and money on more promising platforms.


The consistency of your content is divided into two key areas: frequency of the content uploaded and the context of your content.

You need to develop a system for generating interest and value in your posts while keeping them relevant to the users. You will also need to update your posts regularly. Your posts should also follow a consistent schedule so that the readers know when you will update new content, especially if they have enabled push notifications.

Make sure your content is consistent with your brand story and consumer needs.

Mix It Up

Alternate your content delivery between images, blogs, videos, and infographics. A mix of different formats keeps your user interest. People get bored with the same format. Visuals are more interesting than words.

Create Action

Your social media marketing strategy should be linked to driving the efficiency of your website’s conversion funnel. But be careful of straight on advertising. You can use advertising, but make sure you use it strategically. Using high-quality content will increase visitors to your website when you weave in a reason. For example, launching a new product on social media should be a discussion about the product and why it will enhance your life. Weave in an incentive and link within the content for the reader to visit the product on the site. The first 100 people get the product for 1/2 price. This is a much different strategy than pushing coupons every week.

Mixing Paid Advertisement

If you are reviewing your insights, you can see when a post gets great engagement. You can certainly pay to boost that post and reach more people. This approach will build your followers and engage with more users.

Respond Quickly

Social media is a channel for two-way communication. Apart from you sharing your content and information, users also have the opportunity to write reviews, give comments or even express their concerns. Any concerns or questions should be answered as fast as possible. Social has become an essential tool in the customer service toolbox.

Measure Everything and Adjust

From the start of your social media campaign to its very end, you must analyze your progress, learn and adjust.

Monitoring the efficiency and effectiveness of your social media strategy can help highlight the elements that are working best for you. Real-time monitoring identifies areas which need improvement. All social media platforms have very great analytics on their back end. Using these analytics shows you how you are engaging with your audience. This can show you the impact of your social presence and other marketing techniques.

Combining these tactics can lead to success on social media platforms. Social is an evolution and is a never-ending use of analytics and continuous improvement. This shows the path to increasing the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.

Phil Masiello

Written by

Philip Masiello, Author of Think-Engage-Thrive! Marketing | Founder Hound Dog Digital Marketing | Entrepreneur | Amazon Selling Expert | Mentor to Startups

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