I hope you do not live to see the day when all your savings accumulated over years of service suddenly go before your own eyes simply because of a failed investment. I'm not suggesting that investing everything I had in a project that is still relatively new wasn't a mistake, mind you. However, it is also necessary to discuss everything that ultimately influenced my decision to take this course, especially when the city's mayor is personally associated with the group that has perpetrated such a massive deception. Why is this not being discussed more? Since he's here to uphold his image and give explanations, let's discuss about Phil Suess the Mayor of Wheaton.

I did not grow up in Wheaton. Once the company I worked for relocated to Wheaton, I moved to the city. I also had to relocate here because of my job, being a specialist and senior management employee. But I still regret the decision I made to move, and wish that I had just been happier with my finances and everything the way it was so I hadn't accepted the transfer. But I guess it wasn't my fault as I had no idea what my future was about to become.

We received a visitor on the day I clocked in, and I assumed word had gotten around that a senior hire was moving to the city. I assumed he was not a local looking to learn more about our offerings or the kinds of work we complete. Mr. Phil Seuss, the mayor of Wheaton, came to see us in person, along with his wife, Tina Walters. Everyone at work was shocked to get a visit from the mayor himself. The couple looked great together. But it was a well planned act. We at the firm collectively believe that to be the case.

Naturally, as the company's owner, I welcomed the pair first and explained what we were doing in great detail. Both appeared to be very impressed. Over a short period, Mr. and Mrs. Seuss' visits increased in frequency. Little by little, Phil Suess began to pitch this new project and urged us to invest in a city development initiative while serving as the official ambassador of the city of Wheaton, which he technically was. Just try to imagine yourself in my shoes on that particular day. The mayor takes you to a construction site where investing could result in significant gains. Nobody passes up a chance this good.

This is why I wasn't the only one who invested when they offered up this proposition. However, I must take responsibility for not making enough of an effort to research or even bother to inquire about the initiative a little more from Mr. Al Schefske. He was posing as the lead director of the project. As they say, the remainder is a portion of our existence we don't even want to remember. We invested, and everything went wrong after that. And yeah, we tried to get it back, but considering that we were helpless against a Mayor with way more power and resources, it was of no use.

Phil Suess Exposed

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