While the phrase ‘Bitcoin mining’ invokes images of heavy equipment to dig in the earth, that’s not how Bitcoin mining works. Bitcoins are mined by solving complex mathematical algorithms that are verified on a series of nodes on the Bitcoin network. Mining nodes are given a reward per block for solving these complicated equations .

What is a node?

A bitcoin node is a computer that runs the bitcoin software and contains the entire bitcoin blockchain. Anyone can download the software and set up a bitcoin node, as long as a certain port is left open. The entire bitcoin network…

An enterprise can create products or analyze data easier with visual analytics and other data science tools. Understanding how to use these tools can help a business become more productive and efficient. Here are some key data science tools for monitoring analytics, digital publishing, and building applications.

Unlike the most common programming languages, Python emphasizes simple and clear, readable code with plenty of white space. It’s based on a small core open source programming language that integrates with other languages. Python, which can be used to develop APIs and sophisticated desktop applications, is one of the top five most popular…

Cryptocurrency has gained incredible momentum throughout the years. The digital currency has become very popular due to it’s profitable investing and value. Because it has become so popular with the masses in recent years, many countries have been debating on certain regulations and laws that must be put in place. Much of the digital currency is not ruled by any central government, which leaves countries around the world with different standards and regulations:

United States

According to FinCen, a bureau of the Treasury Department, “virtual currency does not have legal tender status in any jurisdiction.” Depending on the state, an…

Cryptocurrency is continuing to rise in popularity all over the world. Some see this digital or virtual currency as the future of the majority of monetary and banking transactions. For the most part, cryptocurrency is run through decentralized systems using blockchain technology. So, how do those working with cryptocurrency keep records? It’s simple, a public ledger connected to blockchain systems. Let’s take a closer look at cryptocurrency public ledgers.

Information Storage

When cryptocurrency is exchanged by transferring cryptotokens the public ledger is a one-stop record keeper according to Investopedia :

“ The public ledger is used as a record keeping…

For a large part of its existence, the Bitcoin (BTC) community placed a lot of faith in the cryptocurrency becoming a viable alternative to many centralized payment systems existing in the market. However, BTC currently is mostly used as a long-term investment — an asset much like gold or stocks.

When inspecting how and why this could have happened, it seems that Bitcoin as a payment service was doomed from the very beginning, as its underlying blockchain technology simply can’t scale to compete with industry giants such as Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.

The main problem is the number of transactions…

Using data science in the banking industry is more than a trend, it has become a necessity to keep up with the competition. Banks have to realize that big data technologies can help them focus their resources efficiently, make smarter decisions, and improve performance.

Here is a lit of data science use cases in banking area which we have combined to give you an idea how can you work with your significant amounts of data and how to use it effectively.

Fraud detection

Machine learning is crucial for effective detection and prevention and fraud involving credit cards, accounting, insurance, and…

Many people dream of owning their own business. Many followed their dreams and succeeded. Others failed. A number of entrepreneurs offer words of advice and encouragement in an attempt to help business owners become more fruitful. Gain the Knowledge Someone might venture into owning a business equipped with only a fraction of the knowledge they need to survive. Owners are responsible for many different aspects of the endeavor, which include financing, certifications or licenses, legal matters, employees and material sources. Some of the best advice a potential business owner might consider involves working in the industry for a while. Gain…


When looking for jobs in technology, especially in big data, most people look to Silicon Valley. However, Silicon Valley hasn’t been able to keep up with the influx of brilliant minds who move there. Known as one of the worst cities for affordable housing, the tech mecca’s high cost of living is a big deterrent for those looking for jobs. If you find yourself in that category, check out some of these other cities that are great for big data jobs.

Raleigh, North Carolina

The headquarters for Cisco, Citrix, and Lenovo all reside in Raleigh, providing big opportunities for big…


With cryptocurrency’s recent fall in value, as well as the ten year anniversary of Bitcoin, opinions and questions about the future of cryptocurrency are flying. Will they grow in value or be worth nothing? Will they replace traditional currency or become irrelevant. People seem to be torn.

The Negative

At a tech conference in Davos, Switzerland, founder of BCG Digital Ventures, Jeff Schumacher stated that, “I do believe [cryptocurrency] will go to zero. I think it’s a great technology but I don’t believe it’s a currency. It’s not based on anything.” His hesitations echo those of others; while the idea…

As most cryptocurrency enthusiasts are well aware of, there are different groups of currencies to take into account. The major cryptocurrencies are all offering something seemingly different, whereas the rest are mostly copy-and-pasted clones. However, there are some big differences between the major cryptocurrencies, otherwise, there would be very little point in distinguishing between them.


One of the main things Dash does well is providing its users with additional privacy when completing transactions. The network of Dash Masternodes provides these services, while also incentivizing users to not spend their wallet balance. …

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Phil Supinski is a tech ambassador and data science & analytics student. He was a founding member and CEO/Solutions Architect of NerdPhone. Denver, Colorado

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