SB 562 and The Intercept: Intercepted by the Insurance Industry?

My Letter to The Intercept about their awful anti SB 562 article.

To The Editors:

I am very disappointed that the Intercept posted “CALIFORNIA SINGLE-PAYER ORGANIZERS ARE DECEIVING THEIR SUPPORTERS. IT’S TIME TO STOP.” by David Dayen.

It’s full of misinterpretations and logical fallacies, and it serves the purposes of the insurance industry and corporate Democrats who would love nothing more than to kill our chance of achieving single payer healthcare in California.

I’ll cover a few points:

1) Sensationalist headline that is a lie. Where is the deception? The fact that the bill will have to go to the ballot is deception?

2) First paragraph. Highlighting “death threats.” There was one random tweet by some random guy about baseball practice. Obviously nobody condones that type of rhetoric. Why are you promoting Rendon’s narrative that single payer organizers are acting improperly and promoting violence?

3) Rendon is absolutely a roadblock to single payer. He is not allowing the Assembly committees to add and debate the financing. The fact that the bill would have to go to ballot later does not make him less of a roadblock.

4) Perpetuating the lie that SB 562 is a “shell bill.” The financing language was intentionally left out because the bill did not yet have two-thirds support in the Senate. In fact, 4 Dem Senators (Glazer, Pan, Hueso, and Roth) voted NO or abstained. The plan was to add the financing in the Assembly committees. The detailed UMass Amherst Pollin report has specific financing proposals (PDF).

The Intercept should retract this article and post an apology and clarifying article. This is ridiculous. You should be reporting on the back room dealings of the corporate politicians and insurance lobbyists, not doing their work for them.

And if you disagree, please contact me. I’d like to know why. Thanks.

-Phillip Kim
At-Large Officer, CA Democratic Party Progressive Caucus

Send an email to the editors demanding that they retract the article: