Universal Healthcare: Will Rendon and Committee Return All Contributions from Insurance, Pharma Interests?

Photo and cake idea by Katrina Bergstrom, delivered to John Chiang’s “Sheet Cake Movement” event. 8/25/17

Last night I gave an update on SB 562, the Healthy California​ Act, at the California Democratic Party​ labor caucus. This is the single payer healthcare bill (currently blocked by Speaker Anthony Rendon​) that would create a cheaper, more efficient system that covers everybody with no copays, deductibles, or premiums.

How many union contract fights today are largely about health benefits? Almost all of them! Healthcare is eating into wages and killing the livelihood of working people. And it’s also often the number one financial reason why employers resist union organizing drives so viciously.

Because of the greed of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries we spend more than twice as much per capita compared to every other country and we don’t even cover everybody! In fact we often have worse health outcomes in terms of life expectancy, infant mortality, etc.

This is crazy. We have an opportunity to fix the system and lead the nation by passing SB 562. Anthony Rendon​, Jim Wood​, Joaquin Arambula, and all the California Assembly Democrats​ need to free the bill and allow it to proceed through the Assembly where it can be debated and worked on.

Due to statewide grassroots pressure (canvassing, town halls, office visits, rallies, etc.) Rendon felt the need to task a select committee to explore universal healthcare options. However, this is not a true policy committee that has the power to move legislation. Read the CNA statement.

Is this just a ploy to make it look like they’re doing something or a way to justify an eventual watered down bill that protects insurance interests? Possibly. If they’re serious about having a fair, unbiased process, all members of the committee need to return all campaign contributions from insurance and pharmaceutical interests.

Our campaign is clearly working otherwise they wouldn’t feel the need to react. In union comprehensive/corporate campaigns that’s how we know that our strategy and tactics are working. We just need to keep organizing. These committee hearings will give us more opportunities to build public support and grow the movement.

Single payer is supported by the vast majority of Dem Party and labor activists. Now it’s our job to enforce the party platform just like we would a union contract. #SinglePayerNow

Insurance $73,600.00
Pharmaceuticals & Health Products $71,600.00
Hospitals & Nursing Homes $37,400.00
Health Services $33,200.00

Insurance $70,820.00
Pharmaceuticals & Health Products $59,200.00
Health Services $29,360.00
Hospitals & Nursing Homes $22,421.38

Insurance $44,600.00
Health Services $15,100.00
Pharmaceuticals & Health Products $11,800.00
Hospitals & Nursing Homes $9,850.00

Cattle Call of Politicians at CA Democratic Party labor caucus, 8/25/17
Dotty Nygard, registered nurse and candidate for Congress, supports single payer. 8/25/17
Reading through my notes. 8/25/17