Update: Still Waiting on Results, How to Get More People Involved, Kim Square

UPDATE: Thank you to the thousands of people who voted for me! The results are looking good so far, but there are still a lot of mail ballots that need to be counted. So stay tuned.

This is considered by most experts to be a longshot Republican district with an incumbent who won by 28% points in the 2014 election. So far it looks like we’ve narrowed that gap to 21% but that’s not enough.

The only way a Democrat will win is if we campaign on a progressive agenda that shows we’re clearly on the side of the working class. And that we stand strongly for policies that will improve lives, things like #MedicareForAll, affordable/public housing, a public jobs guarantee, the right to organize a union, full funding for schools, free public college tuition, banning fracking, ending mass incarceration, and protecting immigrants (to name a few).

We need to increase voter turnout by reaching out to the majority of people who don’t vote. Too many people are disillusioned with the political system, don’t trust politicians, and won’t vote unless we genuinely convey the urgency of why it matters and how politics affects every aspect of our lives. And that’s not going to happen unless we go out and talk with people and listen to what’s happening in their lives.
We also need to build a progressive movement and organizations that last beyond elections. That’s why it’s so important that people join and be active in groups like DSA, Our Revolution, unions, Democratic clubs, Indivisible groups, etc. This needs to be an enduring fight. Even if we’re successful and we elect decent people, we need a movement in place to hold them accountable. That’s how we build the #PoliticalRevolution.

Here’s my version of the Wellstone triangle; you can call it the Kim square:
⬛ Community Organizing
⬛ Union Organizing
⬛ Progressive Public Policy Agenda
⬛ Electoral Politics

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