Entrepreneurs, write daily!

So, I recently read this interesting article by Chris Myers, Co-founder and CEO of BodeTree, where he argues that writing is the most important skill an entrepreneur should master. I recommend you read it here.

I personally love reading and over the years, I have developed a regime of sorts, where I carefully curate the content I consume, day-in and day-out, through multiple sources and stack it up and go at it, incessantly. I devised what I call, The 3C framework — Curated Content Consumption — which is derived from the idea that, “You are what you read”. Moreover, the Word of God is a written word. It’s not aural and not visual. Just pure written word, that must be read or be heard. So, reading can be said to be a divine assignment.

As much as I push myself into reading, I had never been able to get myself into writing. As I introspect the reason for it, I find the following analogy useful.

Reading, I think, is like eating food and writing, is like exercise or gymming. You will die if you don’t eat. You will not grow well, if you don’t eat good food. But, if you don’t exercise, you will neither die nor stop growing, but you will not grow into admirable shape and you will, surely develop ailments and increase the your body’s rate of decay. Everyone eats. Some curate what they eat. Everyone reads and some curate what they read. But I see very few of us exercising, including me. What’s the reason?

The reason, I feel is — Instant Gratification. In our natural fallen state, we are wired to respond positively to instant gratification. It requires nothing short of a deliberate and intentional living, to postpone gratification and invest in efforts, the results of which, may not appear for really long periods of time.

Writing, I feel is one such activity — low on instant gratification, at least for beginners and high on delayed fulfillment.

Sure, it’s a skill.

And needs mastery.

Which, by definition, requires continuous effort.

Sounds like gymming, isn’t it :-).

Chris, in the article writes that writing is therapeutic, sharpens your mind and promotes introspection.


But still, sounds like gymming :-).

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