Cassandra Fairbanks, the slur heard round the world and the complicity of crimes of omission

There’s a dearth of info on the recent (possibly historical) civil suit announced only days ago regarding activist-journalist Cassandra Trump who was accused of sending coded white power symbols. And from the White House press room, no less! Surely a scandalous and sensational enough story that the tweet from former NYT writer and current senior reporter at Fusion was almost instantly spun into an article at the Independent UK.

The Independent is a bastion of respected international journalism, somehow despite such recent clickbaity headline stretches as the April 29th article alleging that Donald Trump may be in the Illuminati as evidenced by his use of the “OK” hand symbol. In fact, that was the same day that Emma Roller tweeted a picture of Mike Cernovich and Cassandra Fairbanks flashing the “OK” hand gesture with the caption “Just two people making a white power hand gesture in the White House.”

The suit, which was picked up pro bono by Barnes Law, is sure to fail unless they can prove Emma Roller acted with malice and “knowingly and recklessly” persisted in her slanderous dissemination of disinformation. Considering the fact that the very next day, the ADL published an article entitled (as if it could be any clearer), “No, the ‘OK’ gesture is not a hate symbol.” This article was made known to Emma but she still refused to delete her tweet “until the eve of the suit” as the complaint asserts.

In coverage at Mediaite and Buzzfeed the article plays up the “suing for a tweet” aspect while neglecting the fact that the tweet resulted in stories published in the Independent UK and Ha’aretz Israel based on Roller’s tweet. The Independent story was shared at least 40,000 times.

Fusion editors claim this is a “publicity stunt.” Considering the extraordinary amount of unwanted attention that already resulted from the malicious misinformation, I just don’t buy that. I interviewed Cassandra June 3, she confided to me she’d had to contact her daughter’s school to make sure she didn’t go out for recess.

Cassandra has been on the frontlines, at the fore of the fray and directly pitted against danger in order to deliver a story previously. She was at the scene in Ferguson, the Baltimore riots and more, but the kind of danger that results when conspiracy fabricators like Louise Mensch lead a witch hunt that turns into doxxing or when the very Antifa she used to align with directly threatened her and her family serves no purpose and is a sad testament to where blind partisanship (on both sides) has led us.