TL;DR — I made a track about what marketers do. The track is half way down this article, enjoy :)

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This is me stepping waaaaay out of my comfort zone.
I have never done this before and I basically said fuck it. Nobody else is doing it… So I did.

I did this for 2 types of people.

For my colleagues out there that are fed up with people saying that marketing is easy. So I mix it up, how many article can one read about marketing?

I hope this makes you smile and you can get some decent image quotes out of it for your socials. …

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I have been practicing digital marketing for around eight years since this post was written. Eight years may not be a record breaker, but I believe that I can strongly say I’m really good at it. I started off as a traffic analyst quickly moved into SEO and the rest is history. Today I can proudly say that I have helped over 300 startups one way or another with their digital marketing efforts.

Last night I was reminded of a quote mentioned by a doctor “The reason we call medicine a practice is because we never really know everything, we are always practicing. Medicine isn’t an exact science it’s a skill, an art”. This is a big reason why I’m not the fondest of doctors. Not every doctor is the best and medicine being a practice is a way to give themselves an out. …

Looking for a freelance writer is almost as hard as predicting what is going on with cryptocurrency nowadays.

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This is more of a rant than an educational article on how to find a freelancer so if you aren’t interested in hearing my sorrows. You can go… or you can stay and laugh at them. Just saying that’s also an option.

So… I’m looking for someone that can write for a company I work with. The issue is that they need to know their shit otherwise the content won’t really do what it’s supposed to, give a potential client insight on how well we know our shit. …

I want to say I told you so but I never actually said this would happen to anybody. Not very characteristic of me but hey, there is always a first. Honestly, I didn’t even believe this would happen (if it actually does).

FB is “cutting out” publishers, brand feeds and public content!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

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What does that actually mean???

Well, this is one of the most important paragraphs in the FB blog, in my opinion, that announced the change that is slowly going to roll out in 2018:

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The last sentence is the kicker. Meaning if you have a lot of engagement then you will probably continue to see engagement. …

This time we talk about digital marketing agencies. There are so many… so so many.

So which one do you choose?

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There a bunch of “How to pick a digital marketing agency” articles out there. but they are usually written by an agency. Surprise Surprise. One thing I haven’t seen is an article written by someone that isn’t in an agency (at least not anymore).

So I have take it upon me as that person to spill the beans, the real ones, no magic here, just the no bulshit, some what humorous way on how to find the best digital marketing company (notice there is no link to this very competitive keyword). …

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It has been a minute. (Can’t believe I used that term. I’m going to hell). This time I want to talk about what really is digital marketing.

It’s sales, well digital sales.

I kind feel like the term digital marketing doesn’t really consider what you are trying to accomplish online and we kinda just went along with the wording because of the conventional terms used since… forever.

Considering your physical and mental state when you do things online, sales and marketing are all mushed together, it’s all under one roof: The internet.
There are some that could say that Search Engines and social platforms are your marketing channels but today they are making it so easy to be your sales channels as well. We aren’t there just yet but we are close, ie. …

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There is no easy way to do anything in digital marketing!

Okay maybe that is not true. There is SOMETHING you can do easily in digital marketing, you can easily FAIL.

I facepalm everytime I see clickbait titles like: “6 easy ways to do local SEO that will boost your business” or “5 simple ways to do social media that will skyrocket your likes”. I myself have even written similar articles in the past that I’m ashamed of. (No I will not link to them, I am legitimately embarrassed. If you want you can call me out in the comments. I deserve it.)

Anyway, I just want to make one thing…

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We have a new intern in our office a high school intern, 14 years old.
I asked him if he even uses FB.

He told me: “I have the app but I don’t use it, maybe for a group that friends open for an event but other than that I have Instagram and snapchat to communicate with my friends.”

Is your mind blown? Well it shouldn’t be. This is the cycle of digital life. Zucks, despite not agreeing with his equal pay initiative overall he is brilliant. …

That’s right I said it…

TL:DR — I’m in a real love/hate relationship with Google. Help me…

Fuck you with your amazing new algorithms and updates that are finally making sense to those that don’t have a degree in Computer Engineering.
Stop caring for the little guy, why should they get a chance? After all, their hard work, sweat and tears, to reach the pinnacle of your search results shouldn’t be enough to outrank a huge site, just because it’s a huge site...

Fuck you for giving users quick answers. Why should they know how to do things so quickly? Not every one is a freakin Millennial. …

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My Parents always told me to visualize my future and I didn’t get it until I turned 30. It took me a while to understand how to do that because, well… life. But, I found my way, I literally visualize myself the only way I know how. Actually HTML recoding, as you can see above in the cover photo.

So what is this open letter for?

I believe that I will be a great guest post columnist on BI. And I’m going to give you a few examples why.

I also figured that you get enough boring, pitchy e-mails so I decided to mix things up with this refreshing open letter, here we…


Philip Kushmaro

Digital Marketing Ambassador. I can read Google's mind... Don't believe me? Then how do I know that it's laughing at me right now? ;)

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