Digital Marketing on the go — Part 3

Philip Kushmaro
Nov 24, 2017 · 2 min read

It has been a minute. (Can’t believe I used that term. I’m going to hell). This time I want to talk about what really is digital marketing.

It’s sales, well digital sales.

I kind feel like the term digital marketing doesn’t really consider what you are trying to accomplish online and we kinda just went along with the wording because of the conventional terms used since… forever.

Considering your physical and mental state when you do things online, sales and marketing are all mushed together, it’s all under one roof: The internet.
There are some that could say that Search Engines and social platforms are your marketing channels but today they are making it so easy to be your sales channels as well. We aren’t there just yet but we are close, ie. google shopping, Facebook marketplace.

That “Sales door” that I talk about a lot when people actually listen to me explain what digital marketing is, is so much closer than you can image. it’s so close that digital marketing strategies are sales strategies for the online buyer.

“What about B2B…” said many people that are reading this in their heads that understands how the buyer funnels work for busineses.

True, there is a longer funnel, especially time wise, and if you are a company that gives physical products or services, there is another layer of actual frontal face 2 face sales, sometimes. We can call those the exception to the rule but even then, you are selling your company online before anybody is willing to take a call to close let alone a meeting.

Okay, that is it for this week. Do you agree with my insights? I Would love to hear your thoughts as to the wording or how you feel about what digital marketing has become.

Happy Holidays


Philip Kushmaro

Digital Marketing Ambassador. I can read Google's mind... Don't believe me? Then how do I know that it's laughing at me right now? ;)

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