Digital Marketing on the go — Part Cuatro

Philip Kushmaro
Jan 4, 2018 · 4 min read

This time we talk about digital marketing agencies. There are so many… so so many.

So which one do you choose?

They all look the same from the outside but when you step in… (

There a bunch of “How to pick a digital marketing agency” articles out there. but they are usually written by an agency. Surprise Surprise. One thing I haven’t seen is an article written by someone that isn’t in an agency (at least not anymore).

So I have take it upon me as that person to spill the beans, the real ones, no magic here, just the no bulshit, some what humorous way on how to find the best digital marketing company (notice there is no link to this very competitive keyword).

Are you ready? Close your eyes. Wait Stop! Don’t really close them, just pretend, I can’t tell if they are closed and you will be able to keep reading.

Image what you would want from an agency it can be anything at all!

Do you want them to do the grunt work and then go away.

Do you want them to only be paid when you get paid?

Do you want to pay them with peanuts?

Do you want them to take you office pet for a walk on cold winter days?

Now write all your needs and wants down. I’ll wait here…


Seriously don’t, you will go crazy. It’s scientifically proven that you will go crazy if you stop dreaming.

Congratulations! You just decided what your perfect agency looks like. The easy part is done. Now the hard part, well not hard but it does take time.

Go to Google, search for Digital Marketing Agency (in your area) and start leaving your info for consults. Not just 1 or 5 but 20, 30 even 50.

Trust me, there are at least that many if not a hundreds in your area! There are 15 in Anchorage, Alaska. 15! That is like 1 agency per person, so if you live in an place where you don’t need snowshoes to walk around, you shouldn’t have any problems finding many agencies online. Which is a good thing! As the client, the chances you will get almost everything if not everything on your wishlist is out there.

Now it’s time for Real Talk.

You need to watch out for salespeople are good at bending the truth. There are many of those as well.

That is why you should never commit. Keep the contract open because you can’t really ever know.

To help you out a little more, a few things you should do to protect yourself from the scam:

  • Talk to multiple people in the company. Speak to the people that will actually work on your account.
  • Look at employee reviews online (remember these can be faked, so grain of salt…)
  • Meet them at their office. The office doesn’t have to be the biggest or nicest but it shouldn’t have a leaky roof.
  • Remember that you as long as your money is in your pocket you are the boss. Don’t let anybody bully you into a limited time offer deal.
  • Make sure it feels right. The right fit is sometimes more important than how much money you pay. If your gut says no, listen to it.

I hope this HONEST article helpful and if you have more tips that haven’t already mentioned and haven’t been worn out by all the other “honest” articles out there, please feel free to add them in the comments.

Last but not least… If there is one thing that I do want you to take out of this it’s to make sure you aren’t in a binding relationship until you are sure you are getting results with the agency you choose so remember…

Keep the relationship OPEN!

— — — — — — — — — — — -

P.S. This is a more personal note, notice the Italic font ;). If you like these Digital Marketing on the go posts. I would be amazing if you could leave a “clap”, share and/or comment. You have no idea how good it makes me feel that I’m not writing this only to myself and that I’m actually helping people. Thanks and have an amazing new year.


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