Digital Marketing on the go — Part Deux

Philip Kushmaro
Nov 9, 2017 · 2 min read
I can’t look.

There is no easy way to do anything in digital marketing!

Okay maybe that is not true. There is SOMETHING you can do easily in digital marketing, you can easily FAIL.

I facepalm everytime I see clickbait titles like: “6 easy ways to do local SEO that will boost your business” or “5 simple ways to do social media that will skyrocket your likes”. I myself have even written similar articles in the past that I’m ashamed of. (No I will not link to them, I am legitimately embarrassed. If you want you can call me out in the comments. I deserve it.)

Anyway, I just want to make one thing clear:

There is no such thing.

Simple or easy means everyone can do it and from experience, they can’t. Heck even I learn something new every week and I have been doing this for around 7+ years. Digital marketing changes at a crazy rate. New tools come out, algorithms adapt, new social media platforms are created. It can’t be easy, ever.

Okay that’s it. I’m done for now. I obviously can’t stop anybody from writing these kinds of titles but maybe this short article will be shared in the digital marketing community and give the newbies some hope that even if those “simple”, “easy” articles don’t live up to their name, it’s not because you are an idiot, well not necessarily, but because, say it with me:

There is no easy way to do anything in digital marketing!

Good, good…

Until next time, health and happiness,


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