Digital Marketing on the go — Part One

Philip Kushmaro
Nov 2, 2017 · 2 min read
Bye Bye FB…

We have a new intern in our office a high school intern, 14 years old.
I asked him if he even uses FB.

He told me: “I have the app but I don’t use it, maybe for a group that friends open for an event but other than that I have Instagram and snapchat to communicate with my friends.”

Is your mind blown? Well it shouldn’t be. This is the cycle of digital life. Zucks, despite not agreeing with his equal pay initiative overall he is brilliant. I remember saying to myself he got Instagram for cheap, at the right time and that short answer from our intern pretty much explains why.

I always knew FB would have eventually stop growing with REAL users and even though I knew this was happening it was nice to literally ask someone 13–17 and get an answer I was expecting.

So what does this mean for digital & social media marketing? Well, it means that you need to roll with the punches. If you are 30+ years old and in the digital marketing game and don’t get Snapchat. Wake the fuck up and sit with a tween to understand what the fuck is going on there.

This is the first part of a (hopefully) continuing series about digital marketing insights that I happen to reach while interacting with others.

Until next time, health and happiness,


Philip Kushmaro

Written by

Digital Marketing Ambassador. I can read Google's mind... Don't believe me? Then how do I know that it's laughing at me right now? ;)

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