Philip Kushmaro
Nov 25 · 1 min read

Thanks for the response, I think.

For some reason people think that this is a political piece or that I don’t care about privacy.

It’s neither. It’s a slightly whimsical rant on why I both “hate” and “love” Google. On one hand it does have my data on the other it is helpful when it comes to what I like on online services.

Could it be used for bad yes, but it can also be used for good.

Just like any technology in the world. I can either not use it and deal with the world as offline as possible. Or I can and embrace the downfalls.

I decided to embrace it and if any technology company gets to “out of hand” in my opinion I will just stop using it. Not to make a point but for my own personal reasons. I won’t tell anybody else what I think about it and why unless they ask me and even then I will end off by saying hey man. But you do you and I won’t love you or hate you any different. :)

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    Digital Marketing Ambassador. I can read Google's mind... Don't believe me? Then how do I know that it's laughing at me right now? ;)