Who is Philip Kushmaro?

Story of Philip Kushmaro

So who am I?

I am the Founder of PKDMA Inc. The acronym stands for Philip Kushmaro — Digital Marketing Ambassador.

Former VP of Operation @ Ranky

Former CMO @ CityFalcon

Former Head of Digital Marketing @ ASTOUND

I Help Companies reach their highest online potential. If they listen.

I can read google’s mind… don’t believe me? Then how do I know it’s laughing at me right now.

Only child, born and raised to Israeli parents in Canada. Moved (wasn’t happy about it at the time) to Israel at the ripe age of 15. Moved back in 2017.

I served in the IDF for 3.5 years, experienced a lot.

I have a software engineering background but I hate to code. I am really interested in how the world works especially the psychology behind how people think.

I’m exceptional at leading a team, especially if they are digital marketers, I love watching people reach their full potential, most people don’t even know they have it in them.

If you are looking for someone to take your digital marketing team to another level, let’s get in touch.

You can contact me on social media or e-mail details below:


Health and happiness and the rest will follow,