Nightly Routines and How To Sleep Hack your way to a Productive Morning
Cathryn Lavery

Nice article, I think virtually all of these are really excellent tips. Respectfully, one tiny note: Sleep Hack #3, “Put your phone on airplane mode to avoid EMFs” isn’t at all scientifically accurate. Still, putting your phone in airplane mode is a great idea for keeping the darn thing from interrupting your sleep. :-)

Also, for folks who can’t put it in airplane mode, because you want to be available for emergency calls from family members, for instance: If you have an iPhone you can set your “Do Not Disturb” setting to only allow calls from specific people in your address book, and all other beeps & bloops will be silenced. You can also set DND to activate during specified hours of the day or night. I’m guessing Android has a similar function.


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