Dallas Cowboys’ Tony Romo Announces Retirement

Total Quality Engineering executive vice president Philip Calhoun is a mechanical engineering graduate of the University of Michigan, where he earned a 3.7 GPA and served as a member of the school’s Division I wrestling team. A former semi-professional football player, Philip Calhoun counts the Dallas Cowboys as his favorite National Football League (NFL) team.

Tony Romo, the Cowboys all-time passing leader, played just a couple snaps of one game in 2016 due to the emergence of rookie quarterback Dak Prescott and a slew of back injuries. Because of those factors, 36 year old announced his retirement from the NFL in April, ending a 13-year career in which he recorded a total of 34,183 passing yards, 248 touchdowns, and an average quarterback rating of 97.1.

Romo, who signed with the Cowboys as an undrafted rookie in 2004, suffered a compression fracture to his L1 vertebra in an August 25 preseason game last year against the Seattle Seahawks. It was his fifth major injury since 2013, including another back injury that limited him to just four games in 2015. It didn’t take Romo long to find a new job, however, as the four-time Pro Bowl player will step into the booth with CBS as a lead analyst for the 2017 season.