Millennials Repulsed by Boomers’ Coca-Cola Patriotism
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

I don’t really disagree with your general narrative, but all this rhetoric pitting one generation against another seems a bit off-base. Speaking as a Millennial, there’s a kernel of truth in every stereotype. But in the end, people are individuals and should be thought of as individuals. “Greed is good” may have been more prevalent in the 80s, but plenty of Millennials are down with that philosophy. I should know after a(thankfully) brief flirtation with Ayn Rand as a college freshman. Many of those Millennials cloak their self-interest in the language of entrepreneurship, self-improvement, and a veneer of social justice. But they’re yuppies at heart. At least the Reaganite Boomers worship honestly at the altar of wealth.

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