Oct. 1, 2019–5:00 pm CST

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A question that’s different for a lot of people depending on a slew of different factors.

When I create something, be it through written form here on Medium or an inherently different platform like my YouTube channel, there is always a significant catalyst of some kind for the work that I create. Something that really gets me excited and inspired to dedicate time to create.

Mainly, I find that most of the things I create are inspired by some form of media. As a long-time lover of video games, I’m often inspired to discuss my thoughts and feelings surrounding them. To give an example, my time revisiting one of the best games of the last generation, The Last of Us, prompted my to write about my perception of it as both a game and a vehicle for storytelling. …

Sept. 19, 2019–4:45 pm CST

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(Photo Credit: Philip Trahan)

It goes without saying that life can be very, very stressful, and sometimes we need to set aside some time to decompress. Time to step away from whatever it is that’s getting to us and to clear our minds. To take time for ourselves.

Recently, I’ve had to deal with a lot of difficulties in my personal life. Both physically and mentally. I tried a lot of things in my quest to overcome these difficulties: throwing myself into my work, throwing myself out of work, listening to new music, or going for a drive.

Yet, all of these things failed to yield the results that I was looking for. Throwing myself into my work only led to more stress over the feeling that the work that I’d produced during that time was not good enough. Taking time away from work only left me feeling guilty over not working enough, and going for a drive was nice for awhile…but you can only drive so far. …

Sept. 16, 2019–5:00 pm CST

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(Photo credit: me and some previous members of my backlog)

Ah, the ever-present and inescapable backlog.

Depending on your outlook, a backlog can either be a thing of excitement and wonder, or dread and constant torment. A beacon of hope for what’s to come, or despair at what’s still left to finish.

Everyone who enjoys consuming media in some way, shape, or form has had to struggle with their constantly-increasing backlog. Whether it be movies, TV shows, anime, or video games — if you’re an avid consumer you most likely have a backlog of whatever media you consume most.

What’s more, is that you probably have a pretty sizable backlog. A backlog that, no matter how much you whittle down, seems to remain the same size even after months. Sometimes even growing in size from the last time you checked in on it. …

Four steps I’m learning to take again and again when I don’t know what to do

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(Photo Credit: Christopher Lemercier on Unsplash)

I am not going to start the title of this piece with “How to…” because to be quite honest, I’m still struggling to consistently keep moving forward myself. I won’t sit here and tell you that I have every single answer for whatever is keeping you back, especially when I don’t have every single answer for my own situation.

That being said, I do know for a fact that I’m taking small steps forward, one foot at a time. Regardless of how small they are, they are steps forward all the same.

Recently, I’ve had a mountain of misfortunes and distractions keeping me from doing the things that I want to do and the things that I have to do. …

Sept. 6th, 2019–3:00 pm

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(The central characters of the Last of Us: Joel and Ellie)

One of the biggest reasons why I love video games is because they are an artistic medium unlike any other. Some video games craft worlds for players to play around and experiment inside of, with little to no story or guidelines to restrict them. At the same time, a different video game can offer a rich story, with deeply developed characters and a fully fleshed out world.

Personally, I love the different possibilities that games offer players. …

As I type this, my dog is whining and my house is a construction site

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(Photo credit to Alex Kay on Flickr)

Writing is a very beautiful thing. In the right hands, the written word can be transformed into some of the most powerful art imaginable. Through writing we can express ourselves clearly, without the hindrances and intricacies of the spoken word slowing us down.

To me, writing has always felt very intimate. And when I say writing, I don’t mean text messages or direct messages on social media. I mean the long-form written word with a clear intent and message behind it.

However, at the same time, there are many faults to be found through the medium of the written word. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or being too long-winded. Those mistakes can mar the message of one’s writing and leave the reader with a different message or leave them missing it altogether. …

August 19, 2019–5:45 pm CST

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(Hideo Kojima’s first game after leaving Konami)

I feel like this piece might be a bit divisive for some readers depending on a couple of key factors…

Prolific game developer Hideo Kojima’s first game after his ugly departure from his long time employer, Konami, is an enigmatic game called Death Stranding. Ever since its announcement trailer at E3 2016, I feel like the overwhelming excitement and hype for Death Stranding in the gaming industry has been almost unprecedented.

Yet, my own excitement for this title has slowly but surely transformed into a feeling of confusion and even slight frustration in the three years that it was first announced. What started as excitement and interest has slowly warped after being shown trailer after trailer or strange, almost incomprehensible bits of both story and gameplay. …

August 5, 2019 – 7:55 pm CST

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This past week, I took a vacation to Perdido Key, Florida. It was — in every sense of the phrase — a wonderful vacation. The weather was pretty much perfect the whole time, I was surrounded by good company and entertainment, and it was pretty much all-expenses paid. So my question is: why did I feel a sense of guilt for enjoying my vacation?

Ever since I graduated from college, I’ve had this idea in my head that I have to be working on something. Anything. I mean, after all that’s what you do after you graduate from school — you work. You find a career, earn a living, and move forward with your life. …

July 24, 2019–2:00 pm CST

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It’s hard slowly coming to the realization that you may have just wasted $40 to $60.

Video games can be both a very relaxing and demanding hobby at the same time, depending on a myriad of factors. Whether it be your financial situation, what game you’re playing, or how much free time you have during the week. On top of that, being a game enthusiast is not cheap in any sense of the word. …

July 17, 2019 – 5:40 pm CST

I like movies. Maybe not as much as I love some other forms of media, like video games for instance, but I’ve always enjoyed taking the time to sit down and enjoy a good film. Yet, as my interests have been consumed by other forms of entertainment as I’ve gotten older, the time I’ve dedicated to watching movies has steadily decreased.

Before I jump into the review portion of this post, I’d like to give a little context about this series and about me. To give a bit of credit to myself, I was a video game critic/reviewer for about 3 years on a website called NintendoEverything.com. During my time there, I contributed around 18 reviews of all different types of games and all different types of genres. While I know film is a fundamentally different form of media than video games, I still think that I’d be able to flex my critic muscle and talk about my experience watching these movies. …


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Writer and creator looking to inspire thought in others. I like video games and creative freedom. I also run a YouTube channel called PsychoAnalysis.

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