Mark Cuban on Why You Need to Study Artificial Intelligence or You’ll be a Dinosaur in 3 Years
Mark Suster

I have a Ph.D. in CS with a focus on artificial intelligence and about 11 years experience working in AI, NLP, and machine learning. I have an MS in bioinformatics, which I got because the job market for AI was so bad, and 5 years work experience in that. I have a BS in math and about 1 year of work in cryptography. When I send out my resume, I occasionally get a response for bioinformatics-related jobs, and now and then for cryptography. I apply to about 10 times as many AI and machine learning jobs as bioinformatics jobs, but I never get a response from those jobs, not even so much as a “no thank you.”

If you don’t get your PhD from MIT, Stanford, or Carnegie Mellon, or possibly U Toronto or U Mich, don’t bother studying AI. No one will read your papers, no VC will give you money, and no one will hire you.

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