Education is absolutely critical to create sustainable foundations for social change, economic growth and security. Africa results to be the most disadvantaged continent in terms of access and quality of education.

Philippe Warnery, a global strategic senior management executive, has shared his experience in Kenya and discussed his project to support education in an orphanage in Nairobi.

Philippe Warnery in an orphanage in Nairobi

Why did you decide to go to Kenya?

Giving back to Africa has always been something I wanted to do in my life and, in February 2020, I had the opportunity to visit Kenya with the objective of raising the education level as…

Philippe Warnery on How Brands Can Achieve True Customer Centricity

Customer centricity has always been the fuel of what’s driving sustainable growth, but what’s really fascinating today is that digital disruption that is creating new ways to continually meet rising customer expectations.

1. Customers are complex

Customers are complex to understand. First, they are well informed thanks to the power granted by the Internet and by the channels available at their fingertips. Their preferences evolve rapidly, constantly adapting to the culture around them and it’s not easy to predict where they are heading next.

Brands need to find their way to relate to customers, establish trust and connect at a…

Philippe Warnery Shares 3 Best Practices for Mentoring the Next Generation of Leaders

Today’s leaders are tasked with far more than leading their teams through everything from well-planned transitions that drive success to unexpected risks and threats that put strategies, growth, and sometimes outright survival on the line. They also need to mentor the next generation of leaders by imparting what they’ve learned and experienced: the good, the bad, and indeed, the ugly.

Many surveys and studies reveal that the biggest concern for businesses of all sizes, from small firms to large organizations, isn’t a lack of capital or customers, or even cyber attacks. …

Philippe Warnery Looks at 3 Essential Tools that Every Leader Should Use

When it comes to tools, architects rely on scales, laser distance meters, drawing storage tubes, and fraction calculators. Electricians rely on wire strippers, power drills, pliers, and of course, beloved labeling machines. Professional athletes rely on protective gear, performance equipment, weights, and sports drinks. What about leaders? They also need the tools to inspire, direct, and coach their teams, and elevate them to the next level.

While the list of leadership tools available is vast and growing, according to Philippe Warnery, a global strategic executive who has worked 25 years in Luxury goods, among the most vital for success are…

Philippe Warnery Explores the Evolution of Work-Life Balance

While it would be pleasant to reflect on the story of work-life balance as one arising out of a conscientious and ethical attempt to do the right thing, in reality — as is often the case — the flashpoint was less idyllic and more pragmatic: excessive stress was taking an unsustainable toll on workers, and as the old saying goes, something had to give.

Today, work-life balance is a topic that is frequently discussed. …

Philippe Warnery Unravels 25 Years Of Change In The Cosmetic Industry

The cosmetic industry has experienced quite the transformation throughout the last 25 years, with young shoppers purchasing and using nearly 25 percent more cosmetics than the norm that was witnessed two years ago, according to the research firm NPD. Millennials, who are found to be relying on an average of six cosmetic products daily, are having an enormous influence on the industry from all angles. In London, England, Philippe Warnery former president of the UK and Ireland sectors for Estée Lauder, a beauty company that has seen its stocks reach unprecedented heights thanks to these new trends. …

Philippe Warnery’s Top Five Tips For Project Planning

Project coordination necessitates methodical, meticulous attention to detail, as even one miscue can have a prolonged, devastating effect on the venture. Great communication, risk monitoring and the management of resources are just a few of the major skills at the core of an individual’s project strategizing repertoire. Therefore, it is no coincidence that great project managers can be found in every industry. A role of this magnitude maintains progression and growth for companies, as, nowadays, a reputable individual is called upon to fill this position. Philippe Warnery, a resident of London, England, former president of the UK and Ireland regions…

Philippe Warnery’s 4 Reasons Why Running is Important for Professional Development

Today’s workday is faster paced that it has ever been, thanks in large part to technology and new productivity techniques. Philippe Warnery early on began to understand how vital it was for him to finds ways to lower stress and keep moving forward in his work. Very quickly, he fell in love with long distance running. Here are 4 reasons why running is important for professional development.

  1. Running Can Be a Form of Mindfulness Which Can Lower Stress and Increase Mental Clarity.

A lot of experts (and nonexperts) are talking more about mindfulness. It is a form of self-relaxation that…

Meet Philippe Warnery

Philippe Warnery was born and raised in France. After receiving his BA from the University of Montpellier in 1994, he moved to Barcelona, Spain. Returning to France in 1996 to become Trade Marketing manager for Yves Saint Laurent (YSL)a company he aspired to work for in his youth. During his five years there, he moved up from Trade Marketing manager to key account director for Van Cleef & Arpels / Boucheron Fragrances.

In 2001, Warnery began working for LVMH Moët Hennessy — Louis Vuitton SE, another company he had dreamed of working for. Starting as their key account director for…

Philippe Warnery

Philippe Warnery is an entrepreneurial spirit that has been working in marketing/strategy for nearly 13 years. He enjoys marathons, family, and travelling.

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