I know sunsets means nothing because it can happen at anytime of the day. I literally panic when it gets dark and I am still on my way home and although its a short distance from the bus stop to my place. I start thinking of all my sisters who have been brutally murdered in the last couple of weeks. There’s a new case everyday and this not new at all. I am scared to be walking alone so much that I get a lump on my throat and my eyes get teary. I also think about one text I got about about people who are promised R350,000 reward for every 10 girls/women as a result about 150 women have been reported missing. I also think about the young woman who was abducted in mandela bridge while walking to res Melody Miya thanks for stepping in when the cops failed us and Lehlohonolo she was found full video herehttps://youtu.be/zD_dAH6S4uE . Dennis Matsholo Khokhone I am so sorry about about your friend and Sister Popi who went lost on friday and was found dead with her friend Bongeka. All of these incidents are so close to home. I think about all of you sisters who have lost your lives Lerato,Karabo, Noxolo, Sizakele, Mananki, Meisie, Stasha,Lindiwe, Reeva and many more. I am scared I am angry, I am defeated, I am disappointed and no hashtag can posibbly echo just how I am feeling about the state of our country.