Shame on you Phakamani Dlamini

@PhakamaniDlamini looking at your surname I am going to assume that you are Zulu, Xhosa or swati so tell which African culture is it exactly that’s state that ‘Women must wear dignified clothes not unless they are a prostitute or mahoosha’ Covering of clothes for the sake of a man is definitely not an African culture but a western idea which was forced on to us by those that came on that boat so don’t you dare put that on culture. Your status says a lot about you and I believe I won’t be wrong if I say you a rapist for the fact that you have such disgusting mentality.

I really hope you not raising a girl child no actually you not raising anyone because no child deserves to be brought up such a man yes who call women umahoosha and sex objects just because of the way they dressed. If this were to happen to a woman in your life I know for sure that your your opinions would differ so don’t come here and speak such crap!

I’m so glad you will not fight in solidarity with us because we are actually fighting rapists like you hamba uyofa ngoba uyasidakelwa nxa!

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