Setting up Jenkins for a PHP projects on CentOS 7

Philippe Lafrance
Sep 22, 2015 · 4 min read

Setup a Virtual Private Server

Set yourself up for your PHP project

yum install php php-pear
yum install php-intl php-mbstring php-xml php-fileinfo
memory_limit = 1024M
curl -sS | php
mv composer.phar /usr/bin/composer
yum install php-devel
yum groupinstall "Development tools"
pecl install xdebug
echo "zend_extension=\"/usr/lib64/php/modules/\"" > /etc/php.d/xdebug.ini

Install Jenkins

yum install java-1.7.0-openjdk
yum install wget
wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/jenkins.repo
rpm --import
yum install jenkins
firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=8080/tcp --permanent
firewall-cmd --reload
yum install ant
sudo /etc/init.d/jenkins restart
systemctl restart jenkins.service

Install PHP Tools (optional)

# PhpUnit
chmod +x phpunit.phar
mv phpunit.phar /usr/bin/phpunit
# Php CodeSniffer
pear install PHP_CodeSniffer-2.3.4
chmod +x phploc.phar
mv phploc.phar /usr/bin/phploc
# PDepend
chmod +x pdepend.phar
mv pdepend.phar /usr/bin/pdepend
chmod +x phpmd.phar
mv phpmd.phar /usr/bin/phpmd
chmod +x phpcpd.phar
mv phpcpd.phar /usr/bin/phpcpd
# phpDox
chmod +x phpdox.phar
mv phpdox.phar /usr/bin/phpdox

Setup Jenkins

User permissions


Create a project

cp /my/favorite/path/build.xml ./
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project name="requirejs" default="default">
<target name="default" depends="composer,phpunit" /> <target name="composer">
<exec executable="composer">
<arg value="update"/>
<target name="phpunit" depends="composer">
<exec executable="phpunit">
<arg path="${basedir}/phpunit.xml.dist"/>

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Programmer, Bassist, and social crack smoker.

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