Crowdsourcing The Old Fashioned Way

Crowdsourcing is the process of collecting money, data, or services from other people in attempt to gain money, knowledge, or information in order to create something. Online crowdsourcing includes websites like Kickstarter. This website allows people to pledge money to people who need it to create ideas, products, or develop something. Before the internet was around, there was a thing called offline crowdsourcing. This is the same or similar process as online crowdsourcing, but it does not include any internet access or other technological help. These things can include surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, and door to door donations.


Many business’ use crowdsourcing as a way to help fund and gather ideas about their consumers or market. According to Online Business Home, they deem that using crowdsourcing is very difficult due to the fact that keeping information confidential is nearly impossible. In order to gather information, you must tell people what you are doing, who you are, and what you wish to accomplish. A person administering a survey to consumers has to disclose the reason for the survey, along with what issue they are trying to solve by administering this survey.

Lets take a look at two examples. Let’s say I am trying to launch a new independent comic book, and need money to get the book publishes. I attempt to start randomly knocking on doors. Challenges I may face is that I would have to go talk to people who would not be interested. I would be wasting lots of time and effort in attempt to maybe find one or two people who would pledge a donation. Lastly, people wouldn’t truly know if I was actually using the money for the comic book. Let’s compare that example versus if I took my idea to Kickstarter. I would post my description and my reason for needing money, and I would then wait for people to come to me. Online crowdsourcing makes life so much easier because your geographic reach is endless, it saves you time, and can maximize either the amount of money needed, or information needed.

Offline crowdsourcing seems to be outdated, there are many new options on the internet that allow people to receive knowledge and money, in a much less time frame. Other than market researchers, offline crowdsourcing should not be used by any individual due to it being outdated.

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