A Lesson or Two From Ryan Reynolds & Aviation Gin

In all my years of marketing, I have seen some AMAZING and HORRIFIC “stunts” from both big and small businesses.

Phillip Stutts
Sep 6, 2018 · 3 min read

What intrigues me the most is when businesses successfully employ a political marketing “mindset” I highlight in FIRE THEM NOW.

And I haven’t stopped laughing at the most recent one…YOU’VE GOT TO READ THIS.

Did you see this insanely funny and effective story on Aviation Gin and actor Ryan Reynolds (also a major investor)?

So here is what happened — while appearing on the “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”, Reynolds revealed his Aviation Gin email (which resulted in a crash to the Aviation Gin server after 20,000 emails started to flood in.)

Why do people care about knowing his work email?

  • He’s a celebrity and people want to connect with a celebrity

If you haven’t read the article or seen the video clip, click here and get ready to have a serious laugh!

What started as a funny way to feel like a part of his newly invested company has turned into a brilliant marketing campaign that has brought Aviation Gin millions of dollars in free advertising.

What you can learn from this brilliant marketing idea:

  1. A virtually unknown brand of gin created millions of dollars in FREE publicity from one idea.

I write in great detail about these principles in my book FIRE THEM NOW, where I outline several similar examples of botched PR campaigns. Moving forward, I plan to regularly post more about these fun and shocking stories.

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