Meet The $21.7 Billion Dollar Marketer

That subject line is NOT a typo.

He’s the highest paid marketing consultant in the world.

This genius is an advisor to Tony Robbins, Daymond John, Ramit Sethi and Dave Asprey.

Over this man’s illustrious and brilliant marketing career, he’s earned his clients a combined $21.7 billion.

Let that sink in.

It’s not the $21.7 billion that’s most impressive, it’s the success he’s generated for so many clients.

This man has increased the bottom lines of 10,000+ clients in 400+ unique industries — worldwide.

What if I told you this legendary figure is willing to gift his most successful growth strategies to you — and it will cost you nothing?

Trust me, if you just implement one of them, it will grow your business exponentially. And if Tony Robbins, who is worth billions of dollars, finds massive value with his teachings, so can you.

So, who is this $21.7 billion dollar man? None other than Jay Abraham.

Why am I writing about Jay today? I’m obsessed with his work. In fact, when I applied his strategies to my two marketing companies, we grew 22,000% in less than four years!

That’s a fact.

If you’re not familiar with Jay’s historically preeminent work, here are his six top foundational growth principles that you can use to take your business to the next level:

  1. Relational Capital: Ethically taking full advantage of relationships you have with people and companies that you interact with by forming strategic alliances and partnerships. Relational Capital can be used like a blank check to access a near infinite amount of resources, and it also allows you to target highly receptive markets with no investment, little effort, and zero risk. You can also use this powerful form of capital to reach a regional, national and/or international markets almost overnight!
  2. Preeminence: The Strategy of Preeminence is a powerful, yet simple strategy where you see yourself as your market’s most trusted advisor. At the heart of it all, you also have to believe that what you’re doing is for a greater good, that you’re selfless in your business goal to serve the client better and more fully than anybody else does. The money will follow, but that is just an acknowledgment that you are serving others in ways they value and want to reward. As a result, your perception and persona will transform the relationship with the client.
  3. Leverage Marketing: The science (not art) of finding highly multiplied performance yield out of every revenue harvesting activity and sub-element your business uses now — PLUS, it’s learning to identify, examine, and correlate the contributing relationships or lack thereof for each-and-every sub-process in their revenue system. Click HERE to download a document on 61 different leverage points.
  4. Three Ways to Grow a Business: There are three ways to grow any business. Increase the number of clients, increase the average transaction value and increase the frequency of repurchase and/or get more residual value out of each client. Do any one and you can grow in a linear manner. Do any combination of the three and you grow exponentially.
  5. 9 Drivers: There are nine drivers of upside leverage and exponential business growth. Jay has analyzed and examined how the highest performing businesses were driving their growth, profitability and competitive superiority. These specific drivers of revenue/sales growth, profit explosion, and market dominance can be universally applicable to ANY business. Enjoy leveraging-up the results and performance yield of everything your business does from now on.
  6. Critical Thinking: The driver of business performance today is a surprisingly simple understanding: You are paid by the world, to think differently/critically and to solve problems or create opportunities/value in better ways than others. You are paid to think differently and more critically than your competitors think — about everything from business models, to brand position, to distribution channels, to marketing, to superior competitive market strategy.

So what’s my advice to you in this blog?

Study Jay’s entire “hall-of-fame” catalogue of work, implement his teachings into your business, or even hire him to personally coach you — and there is a 100% chance you will grow your bottom line.

But that’s not all — as a special bonus there are a few more value-adds to enjoy thanks to Jay’s generosity:

  1. If you want to go EVEN deeper with Jay on the principle of “Preeminence” (#2 above and my personal favorite), click here.
  2. Here is a deep-dive into how Jay and I think — an interesting and fun interview between the two of us HERE.
  3. Check out this just-released documentary (The Jay Abraham Story — Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got”) and sign up for incredible resources that will help you grow (it won’t cost you a dime either). Watch the documentary trailer here.
  4. Finally, one last wild interview for you — it’s a panel discussion on hiring and managing millennials in the workplace — with Jay, myself and NY Times best-selling author, and founder of I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Ramit Sethi. Check out the interview here.

P.S. — I hope you take full advantage of this gift from Jay and let me know if you want more of these kinds of offers in the future.

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