My Pecan Butter Story

Have you ever tried the pecan butter from Guidry Organic Farms? It’s pretty unlikely that you have even heard of the brand.

I hadn’t either — until recently.

They did one small gesture that blew me away, made me a customer for life, and I even promoted them in my recent interview on the highly-rated James Altucher Show (and again to you right now).

First, the back story. Many of you know that I have a rare incurable esophageal disease called Achalasia and my “moonshot” to find a cure in five years. Well, finding a “cure” is really only half of my moonshot. The other half is to be medication free.

Due to the disease, my doctors prescribed mountains of drugs, including one that has links to dementia. Thanks to the work of Dr. Steven Gundry I was able to achieve this part of my moonshot within a few months, and as long as I strictly adhere to my new diet, I don’t have to take any medications to treat my incurable disease.

With this diet come a ton of restrictions — one, in particular, is that I can’t eat peanut butter, almond butter, and cashew butter. I love eating these things so I was desperate to find an alternative that was just as satisfying. I eventually found it with the “diet-compliant” pecan butter. (If you haven’t tried pecan butter, do so immediately. Seriously, it’s so damn delicious, sugar-free, paleo-friendly, and gluten-free.)

And this is where Guidry Organic Farms’ subtle but amazing family comes into the picture…

At first, I ordered jars of pecan butter from numerous companies in search of my favorite. One of the companies I ordered from was Guidry’s. Not only did they have an amazing product, but something extraordinary (to me) happened when their package arrived at my house.

Inside the package was a handwritten, personalized note that not only made me smile and it instantly made me a raving fan:

Thanks so much for your order, Phillip! Enjoy your pecan butter! My dad says ‘put it on some vanilla bean ice cream.’ ☺ Leave us a review if you get a chance.
Have a happy day!
– Rachel G.

Guidry Organic Farms (located in Scott, LA) doesn’t know me, but I feel a connection with them. After I read that personal note, I visited their website, learned about their passion for making healthy organic pecans, and scrolled through pictures of their family. And just like that, I’m a customer for life. I have bought into their story, into their brand, and into their product.

Here is what you can learn from a simple but kind gesture in your marketing:

  1. Build a personal relationship with your customers or clients! If a customer or client sees your business as a commodity, you are replaceable. If they feel like you care, if they “buy” into your story, you will have raving fans and customers/clients for life. Are you doing this?
  2. Use your marketing to reinforce your newly established personal connection. Everyone has a connected-device in front of their nose right now thumbing through mountains of digital content each day. Every marketer will try to get you to lead your marketing strategy for those competing eyeballs. Don’t do it. Yes, digital marketing is massively important (hell, I own two marketing agencies so I believe in it) but it’s not the tip of the spear. The tip of the spear “strategy” should be to build a personal connection with your customers and THEN use digital/traditional marketing to reinforce that connection.
  3. This one easy strategic tip will convert customers/clients at a much faster level. It will keep customers/clients much longer. Results? If you do it right, it will, at a minimum, expand your business by 50% in the next 12 months. Many of our clients have seen 2x-10x results. Seriously!

PS — Want to order some delicious pecan butter from Guidry Organic Farms? Click here to visit their website or order it on Amazon.

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