Thank You

Let me just start off by saying — it’s been one hell of a year.

I’d imagine, like me, you’ve had plenty of ups and downs, but I hope you’ve realized that with every down there’s an opportunity for growth.

I promise that once you do, you’ll become grateful for it all. I know I have.

This year, I have made it my mission to give more than I take, build trust, help businesses grow and to do it all with purpose (and if you need help “going negative” on your competitors, I can do that too ;).

If you’ve become a loyal subscriber and/or have taken the time to complete our free 5-Minute Marketing Audit, then I hope you’ve been able to experience this first-hand. I’m beyond grateful to have the opportunity to share my insights and to help business owners through some turbulent times.

Nothing was possible if not for the help of some amazing, purpose-driven people.

So here is to an all-star team that continue to give more than they take and has helped me grow to be a better man:

Annie and Parker, both teams at Go BIG Media and Win BIG Media, Gary Vaynerchuk, James Altucher, Peter Diamandis, Adam Carolla, Paul Finebaum, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Jay Abraham , Tucker Max, Zach Obront, JT McCormick, Mike Dillard, Commander Kirk Lippold, Keith Cunningham, David Meerman Scott, Brad Lea, Cody Foster, Paul Belair, Warren Jones, Peter Mallouk, Mark Metry, Travis Chappell, Danny Markstein, Ximena Hartsock, Peter Klein, Bill Carmody, Chad Cooper, Tony Breitbach, Shane D’Aprile, John Schilling, David Sanders, Chad Mathis, Matt Mackowiak, Charlie Hoehn, Christopher Cumby and Allan Wich, Jeremy Ryan Slate, Tom Alaimo, J V Crum III, Justin Schenck, Tony DUrso, Donnie Boivin, Brad Johnson, AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak, Brian Wright, Dennis Brown, Stephen Woessner, Doug Morneau, Phil Adair, Ed Andrew, Craig Moen and Shye Gilad, Louis Grenier, Clay Clark and Robert Zoellner, Chip Lutz, Carrie Sheffield, Aaron Sanchez.

Happy New Year!


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