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Holiday sales season is here!

However, it’s weirder than ever with lockdowns, social distancing, political unrest, etc. Not to mention you are bored and probably sick of your family (well, the family members the government “allowed” you to spend Thanksgiving with at least).

What are consumers going to do now to break out of their funk?


Even with limited resources, consumers are making huge purchasing decisions right now (I predict this run will last until the new year, and then we’ll probably see a slow down).

Customers are ready to shop and we are EXCLUSIVELY releasing our 10th consumer survey today so you can get a MASSIVE edge over your competition in these “weird” times. …

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Well, here we are.

Did your candidate win or lose?

If you read my pre-election article (which our analytics team estimated 523,314 people actually read it so far), you know that I predicted Biden would win the popular vote, 156.7 million total votes would be cast (with national votes still being counted, it’s predicted that around 156.5 million Americans voted), and Trump would narrowly win the Electoral College.

But amidst the media’s current 24/7 clickbait stories regarding Trump’s allegations of voter fraud or Biden’s claim that it’s time to stop all the fighting (after Democrats shamed and canceled Republicans for four years) and come together in peace — some CRAZY storylines have emerged from the election that hardly anyone is reporting. …

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Who is going to win? That is the question everyone is asking.

After 24 years and 1,283 political campaign victories, including three winning U.S. Presidential races, I will break down how I see the race heading into Election Day.

Our partnership with the largest data collection, analytics, and AI company in the United States has given me a behind the scenes look at what’s really going on with American voters. …

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Almost daily, I hear from someone in my life (or on social media) that their opinion, in these strange times, is on “the right side of history.”

Both sides of the aisle. Black Lives Matter supporters. Trump supporters. Almost everyone.

What if I told you that this is a false choice and you’ve just been manipulated into thinking it’s right by a segment of society that is preying on your fears — and they are doing it for two reasons…

Improving their status and making money.

We fell for it too. All of us. I certainly have.

I’m here today to say the right side of history is not a choice between President Trump, Black Lives Matter supporters, Wokeism, anti-Wokeism, coronavirus lockdown supporters, and coronavirus mask…

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Are you shocked by the news of President Trump contracting the coronavirus?

Curious about what’s happening with the key other factors like the economy, the fallout from the Black Lives Matter protests, and the coronavirus response? How will it affect your business? How will it affect the presidential election?

There are always “October surprises” in a presidential year and the news of President Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis is too unknown to address in this post. So I will address the other factors…

Today, we are releasing our 8th national consumer survey since the pandemic broke out — and the results are explosive. The confluence of three massive factors are driving this train towards an unavoidable 10.1 …

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I never said it would be easy.” — Mae West

The past few months have been nuts for all of us. Our health, kid’s school situation, work, and overall well-being was massively disrupted by the coronavirus.

There are silver linings in it all, however.

For me, it’s that before the lockdown went into effect, I underwent the first-ever, one-man, clinical trial to treat and possibly cure the disease I live with, called Achalasia. …

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Our 7th consumer data report is being released this morning exclusively to you.

For months now, we have seen consumers buying for “need” vs. “want”. The most recent data shows that this has completely solidified. The average American has increasing anxiety over the economy and is cutting their family budget — hoarding their money, not spending it.

Our methodology since March has included 29,263 survey respondents, scaled to 200+ million US consumers in our database, 550 million+ connected devices, and tracking 10 billion+ online decisions every day.

I can’t emphasize this enough — if you want to know what’s happening in the economy, before your competitors, then you must pay attention to this new data we are putting out to you for free today. …

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The most common question I get today is: “What’s going to happen with the presidential election? Can Trump really win again? Can Biden pull it off by just hiding in his basement?”

I don’t think it’s as easy as who wins and who loses. I think this election is much more perilous. You probably feel the same way.

Our values, our systems, our rules, and our commonality have broken down — and it feels like we are on the verge of a real civil war.

If I am going by the data, within the next decade, I believe many American states will try and secede from our union. …


(Part I in this series can be found here).

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Also seen on Outkick.

If you listen carefully, you can feel the tremors collectively shaking around the sports world….

  1. The University of Connecticut football team just opted out of their upcoming season (the first major university to do so).

2. A cascade of NFL players are now opting out of their upcoming season.

3. Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred threatened to cancel the season when players tested positive for Covid-19.

4. PAC 12 football players have revolted against their conference leaders demanding to be compensated or they plan to sit out their season. …

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The 21/90 rule is in full effect and it’s about to impact your business more than you know.

What’s the 21/90 rule?

To quote: “It takes 21 days to build or break a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle. If you want to make most things a cornerstone to your life, understand that it won’t feel like second nature to you until about the 90-day mark.”

120+ days into the Covid-19 economic lockdown and the changes in your customer’s buying habits are becoming their new lifestyle.

There is no argument when you see the data, but here is what is clear to me — a reckoning is happening in the economy — and you need to know how to adjust your business immediately. …


Phillip Stutts

Founder/CEO: Win Big Media | Founder: Go Big Media | Repped by Vayner Speakers & Keppler Speakers | Author: “Fire Them Now: The 7 Lies Digital Marketers Sell…”

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