SOMA:- Social Marketing Taken To The Next Level.

SOMA is a platform that derives its name from "Social Market" which gives an insight on what the platform sets to offer. 
The platform has been designed to ensure trading and social interactions between users under safeguarded conditions.
The platform would work on Ethereum blockchain and it’s smart contacts. The platform had been designed in a unique way such that it incorporates various eye catching features amongst Which are:
Secured Payment Payments inside the Soma Community are delivered securely. The Soma Rewarding System enhances the security of the transactions by providing an incentive for a community member to act as a trusted escrow agent in a transaction. The escrow agent is compensated after a successful transaction in Soma Community Tokens. 
Social Contributions Within the Soma community, trading can be done in a fun way by utilizing the concepts known from the traditional social media platforms. The community members can interact with each other socially by liking, following or sharing relevant content. The social interactions will increase the social capital of the digital content, which can be monetized by the Soma Community Token. 
P2P Marketing The decentralized platform incentivizes the community members to provide aid to the other members of the community in various ways. The P2P marketing enables users to gain Soma Community Tokens by promoting the items that are listed for sale on the platform, facilitating the organic expansion of the Community and popularity of the Soma Community Token.

The SOMA platform wouldn’t be completely understood if the INTERACTIVE ITEM CARD (IIC) is not highlighted.
Interactive Itemcard (IIC) Every transaction that happens inside the SOMA™ platform will not only change the ownership of the physical item but also the corresponding ownership of the Interactive Item Card (IIC). IIC is a digital representation of the physical item. It includes information about the ownership data, the condition of the physical item, the genuineness of the item and the price history. Most importantly, the IIC will accumulate social value inside the Soma Community through different social interactions from the users, which may be reflected in the value of the physical item. 
About ICO/ Crowdsale

The SOMA community has a unique token that would be used for the various transactions on the platform as payment/ settlement, pay incentives and also to pay rewards. The token "SCT" can be gotten from the ICO/ crowdfunding currently ongoing although it is in it’s closing stages which is the more reason why you should waste no time but hurry and purchase your token to be a part of this platform that has such huge potential.
Purchase of the tokens can be done on the SOMA website where Ether would be accepted in exchange for SCT. There’s a total supply of 60,000,000 SCT with a percentage of that available for the crowdsale. The rate at which SCT would be sold is 450 SCT for 1 Ether. The ICO is wrapping off in a few days and I’m sure you’re definitely going to be thankful to this article if you participate because the future of trading has been brought right to your doorstep. The progress of the ICO has been encouraging with a total of over 8 million tokens distributed.
Measures have been put in place to ensure the token would be listed on major exchanges as a number of exchanges has been confirmed by the developers going by the information reaching me via the SOMA social media platforms. Funds gotten from the ICO has been mapped out to be judiciously used to bolster the platform through investing the funds in marketing, product development, legal issues and patents, Reenforcing the team and rewards payment. Join SOMA today and take trading to a whole new dynamic level.

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