Dedicated Minecraft Hosting Servers For Excellent Gaming Experience
What is minecraft?
Minecraft is a popular and high-power online game application. The game is developed using the programming language java. The literal meaning of the word ‘Minecraft’ is digging for something to build something new. Accordingly, the players would have unlimited access to the wide range of options that they can utilize to make buildings and even sculptures. This can be played by a single player ad even number of players can participate in the same Minecraft World depending upon the slots purchased.
Server requirements for hosting Minecraft:
Usually a 1 GB memory space on server would be sufficient for free minecraft meant for 10 nos. of slots. Thus by availing a free minecraft hosting service with 1GB space, we can accommodate 10 players in the community to participate in the game. This much of memory space with adequate processing speed and a good operating system would provide headache free and lag-free gaming experience for the players. For additional plugins, it would be essential to go for premium plans.
Dedicated servers for Minecraft:
For better gaming experience and allowance to grow the online community of minecraft players it would be suggestible to take minecraft free through dedicated servers. Thus thee aspirants would not need to share the Java Virtual Machine where the game actually runs and the Central Processing Unit that carries our complex minecraft calculations. If the Central Processing Unit would be shared by many users at the same time, it definitely hampers the performance. As there would be too much of load on the CPU it starts lagging and thus the response of the system would not be that prompt as expected by the users.
How dedicated servers would be efficient than a shared environment?
The best minecraft servers would occupy the entire Minecraft environment. In case of shared environment when many clients would be using the server at the same time, other clients would have chances of falling prey to Distributed Denial of Service attacks. When the shared servers would be flooded with traffic, it would hamper the performance. This may lead to improper speeds and lagging responses. Therefore dedicated servers would be much efficient than shared environments.
Dedicated severs allow the users to allocate the amount of Random Access memory and Central Processing Unit required to run the minecraft environment effectively and efficiently. The resources would not be shared among the servers and thus minecraft for free through dedicated servers would provide better performance as per the expectations of the clients. Even when someone else’s server gets huge amount of traffic and the system may start lagging; it would not affect the minecraft environment of the client.
Other important advantages:
Superior control over the system configuration would be a great advantage of the dedicated minecraft servers. The options availed such as tuning JVM accordingly, allocation of disk space as per necessity, and provision of adding plugins and mods as and when required would be added benefits of dedicated minecraft servers. The people that know how to use the files on the server efficiently can do so through the root access provided by dedicated servers.
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