Why don’t the moderators ever play hardball with hillary.
Stephen Anderson

Even if they got a “truly bipartisan” group of moderators, I think there’s still a very high chance they’d be calling Trump out on all his bullshit. To make this truly “fair” would mean to find someone who basically at least half-agrees with everything Trump is saying, and you’re not going to find that short of getting Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reily to moderate. If it seemed that Trump was being interrogated while Clinton was not, it’s because his statements do not stand up to any kind of scrutiny, and he acts like a defensive, cornered child bully when questioned. So of course the questions seem tougher.

And they did bring up questions about the emails, though weirdly, the one time they asked a direct question about the emails and Hillary evaded, Trump just let her go and didn’t pounce on her, which i thought was weird, given how he just kept interjecting about it the rest of the time.

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